Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dyson Fixed It!!

A few months shy of 5 years ago, I purchased a small Dyson vacuum.  I was tired of lugging the Rainbow around and wanted something simpler.  I had just inherited my Mom's cat, and the white fur was taking over!!  Since then, I've used my Dyson DC18 nearly every single day.  I use it so much it just stays plugged in and tucked into a corner.  It has taken a beating and is showing quite a bit of wear.  The kick stand hadn't worked right in a few years.  A few weeks ago, it stopped switching from floor suction to wand.  So. Frustrating.   

Then I remembered....  5 year warranty.  I sent a quick email to Dyson and explained my issues with the vacuum.  I promptly got a reply with a repair order number and the location of the nearest repair center.  I brought it to Sears to be shipped out for repair on Monday. I half expected some sort of catch or for the warranty to be voided for some reason. By Saturday, it was back and as good as new.  Dyson fixed my almost 5 year old vacuum - no questions asked - FOR FREE!   

Happy Easter!!

Easter was quiet.  On Good Friday, Clint had to work.  We fried shrimp catfish, and had white beans and rice for dinner.  We dyed eggs with friends on Saturday.  Easter Sunday we barbecued and ate way too much candy!!

Saturday night, the Easter Bunny was in mid-hide-the-eggs mode when the littlest one got out of bed to see if he had passed.  Luckily it was easy to cover his (or her) tracks - whew.  Wait, wait, wait... until all is quiet again.   Literally minutes after The Bunny was done, the littlest one was out of bed and dashing down the hallway!!!  She woke up the oldest to tell her that The Easter Bunny had come!!  It took quite a bit of coaxing to get them settled for the night.  And they were up at dawn because they couldn't stand it any longer.  Too much excitement to sleep!!  I remember that.  :-)

Tomorrow it's back to school!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

80th today

I do wonder from time to time if perhaps we gave up too easily.  Maybe we should have put up a fight.  Maybe we should have gone against the doctors' advice.  Sometimes they are wrong.  Sometimes the human body surprises us.  If we had known he had such little time left, maybe it would have been worth a shot.  Maybe he could have tried the bone marrow transplant.  Maybe I would have been a match.  Maybe he would have survived.  Maybe he would be here today to see 80.  Just wishful thinking I guess. AML is aggressive and there was no miracle cure.  The odds were against a 78 year old surviving the months of treatment.  In just a mere 8 days with no medical care, he was gone.

Stray coins have been scarce lately.  But,today, after a very long hiatus - on his would be birthday:

I happened to glance down and found these at the tips of my toes on the floor in Walmart.  Despite a heart full of sadness, I can't help but smile just a little.

Happy Birthday, Daddy.

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Friday, March 08, 2013


2512.  Twenty-five twelve.

It's just a random number to you.  To me, it was a big part of my life.  Way back in 1970 when my newlywed parents moved into their new home, South Central Bell gave them that number.  384-2512.  A number I learned as soon as I was old enough and gave out frequently.  There were no cell phones so as a teenager, that 2512  number was my lifeline.  For forty years, 2512 was associated with the house on Glenwood.

In 2011 we happened to be at the house sorting through things when an AT&T sales call came in. Clint told them we wanted to disconnect since no one lived there anymore.  And quite quickly, they shut off the phone.  A number I had dialed my entire life was no more.  I dialed it a few times, just to hear the recording stating it was disconnected.  Sigh.

Progress is slowly being made at the house.  We hired someone to take care of the big ticket items - carpentry, electrical, flooring, etc.  The contract we signed required a 30% down payment.  I handed over a check and never really thought much of it.

But wait....

The total bid was $8375

30% of $8375  is...


$2512 is the down payment for the house on Glenwood.

I kid you not.

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Party!!

Of COURSE we had a 6th birthday party for Miss Veronica!  We decided to forgo the big, all day event at home and went with Chuck E. Cheese this time.  Chaos!!  Even with a 10am party the craziness had already invaded.  I guess Saturdays are like that all the time. It was all good though.  Veronica was SO excited the week prior and could NOT even sleep thinking about her party at CEC!  She just beamed with smiles and excitement the whole time.  She said she felt really special being a birthday star.  Thanks to our family and friends for all the gifts and for braving CEC madness to celebrate with us!!

Look at that smile!

Ticket Blaster!!  They got the golden ticket! Just don't ask me how -- sneaky girls!!! 

2600 tickets you say??

Chuck E. himself

Merida cake - made by me of course!  Yellow cake, almond icing, half chocolate chip filling, half strawberry. Yummy!

There's still some left... who wants cake??

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Six years ago....

She came into the world six years ago today at 8:47 pm weighing in at 7 lbs, 6.5 oz.  Wailing.  My beautiful baby girl made her presence known, as would be the case from then on.  How she cried those first few hours set the tone for what was to come.  She cried.  A LOT.  For Years.  I do not miss those days/nights at all.  We soon learned that little Miss Veronica had a temper.  And it did not take much to set her off.  If it was wrong, she was sure to let you know. By crying of course.  If she was not happy, you knew it by the tears she shed.  As is the case STILL TO THIS DAY!

Things toned down a bit when she started school at age three.  I am forever grateful to the wonderful staff at Merry Oaks.  I will never forget the day I heard a tiny voice from the back seat of the car say softly, "Momma, I so happy."  That made ME cry.

I've never known such a tender hearted child.  The littlest thing makes her face crumble and her heart break. Early on something as simple as a doll tumbling to the floor would bring on the tears.  I try to keep that in mind when the tears start - hurt feelings are no fun.  But six tearful years have been hard to bear.  At the same time, she has the biggest heart.  Dubbed the "Mother Hen" of her class by her teacher, she is quick to help a friend in need.  She is first to share, first to cut a cookie in half, first to let someone else have a turn....  my sweet, kind, yet feisty girl with a hidden heart of gold.

My baby girl still asks to be rocked and sang to from time to time. Bedtime must consist of a story or two. In the blink of an eye the sweetness turns sour.  She's full of fire and ice, whose wrath will strike unexpectedly.

Oh my little girl with her own ideas about her world and who knows what she wants and will not settle for anything else.  My little negotiator who will find a way to get her way.

Bursting with energy and excitement.

She has brought me so much happiness.

I hope you never change.

Happy 6th birthday to my beautiful Veronica.

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