Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Big Girl Milestone

The subject has come up often in recent months.

"So-and-so has her ears pierced."

"I think I want to get my ears pierced when I'm 10."

"Well, maybe when I'm 9 instead so I don't have to wait that long."

"If the Easter Bunny brings me some earrings I'll get my ears pierced."

Well, the Easter Bunny was not prepared for such a request, so (s)he improvised with a coupon for a 'free' ear piercing at Clarie's.

I didn't know for sure if Valerie would go through with it.  I told her we'd go on Tuesday right after school.  She got off the bus, ran inside, changed, and was ready to head to the mall.  Still.... I didn't know if she'd actually do it!  I told her it would hurt a bit at first, but after a while you would forget they were even there.  We went straight to Clarie's and picked out earrings.  She picked out some pretty aquamarine studs.  And she was nervous.  Really nervous.  I do think my poor Val has my anxiety.  I held both her hands. The cleaned her ears, marked the dots. A worker stood on each side armed with a piercing gun and said, "On three, ok?"  ONE -- CLICK... and I think they said two, three.  

All done!! 

And her 8 year old eyes filled with tears. And said it really, really hurt.  

Then I grabbed the mirror: 

And the tears vanished!

For days all we heard was how she had to keep looking in the mirror to admire her earrings.  She told everybody that we saw.  My Val Gal is growing up.  Now the 6 week wait to change them is pure torture for a little girl who is anxious to have her own earring collection!!

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