Friday, May 31, 2013

The Numbers Rap

.... as performed by Veronica's kindergarten class!

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Last Day!!

Last day of 2nd grade and kindergarten!!

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They were all smiles here waiting for the bus.  When they came home, however, was a different story.  Sobbing, tears streaming, red faced, SAD, SAD little girls. I always remember being so happy it was summer.  Not these two.  They said they wished school was all the time and that it would never end!!

Veronica had all good marks on her report card.  She has worked hard to improve her reading and is ready for first grade!!!  We will continue to work on her words all summer and I just know she will be reading books on her own by August.

Valerie came home with a perfect straight A report card.  She got a Principal's List certificate for the last 9 weeks and also a second one for having straight As all year.  Her Dibels score was just off the chart.  She was awarded the Good Citizenship award and the Top Scholar award too!!   I'm very proud of my smart girl!!!    Unfortunately we are starting off the summer sick.  Val now has whatever it is that Veronica did... the "Mono" that didn't show up on a test.  I haven't brought her to the doctor -- yet -- but I see a visit in our near future if she doesn't improve.

Now, let the summer fun begin!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moving on

I logged onto my reader for the first time in....  over a month I guess.  I have over 800 unread blog posts.  I just haven't been in the mood to blog or read any blogs lately.  Maybe my blogging days are fizzling out.   I do still like the recipes and the mommy blogs.  Even the day-to-day stuff can be entertaining.  Some of the blogs I follow have lost their magic.  And in some ways, I have too.  No one comments on any of my posts.  I don't like having to censor myself because I don't like certain visitors knowing our every move.  If you wouldn't say hello to me on the street, you have no business being here spying on my family.  Same goes for anyone else who knows me in real life... if you can't have a friendly conversation with me, you have no business checking up on us via my blog!!  So, I did what I should have done long ago ....  moved.   It's my way of starting over with out starting a new blog.  I'm not hiding by any means.  It's pretty simple to just Google a few keywords and viola ~ here I am!  The question is -- are you keen enough to figure that out??  Kudos to you if you did.
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sickies again

Once again we have been battling sickness.  My poor Roni girl seems to catch everything.  Her pediatrician said even though the mono test came back negative, she felt it was too early to test or a false negative.  All her symptoms fit.  She looked so bad the morning I brought her to the doc -- red, swollen face.  103 fever.  Her whole little body was flushed and she was listless.  I'm thinking that mono is what I had also, and that would explain why I felt so awful and tired for so long.  Back to Roni though.  Just this year, my poor girl has had stomach viruses, strep, fifth's disease, chicken pox, lice, bronchitis, and now mono.  Not counting the numerous sore throats and small colds.  Hopefully when she is older she'll have an immune system of steel since she will have had it all!!
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

She takes care of you.  Then you take care of her.
Then, she's gone. 

This was around 1980 or 1981.  We were going somewhere to be all dressed up, but I haven't a clue where.  I think there are pics of me and my Dad wearing a suit (!!) from this same day.  I remember my dress - my Mom made it.  It was soft and silky material and I picked out the fabric because of the bright colors. I had some brown knee high boots I liked to wear with it.  I begged and begged for her to buy those boots from Payless.  After I got them, I realized how incredibly HOT they were and didn't like them.  I remember my haircut - it was originally much shorter than here - a pixie cut.  It was third grade and I remember going to school thinking no one would recognize me with my new, short hair.  My Mom had found a picture of the style in the newspaper and cut it out.  I ran across the clipping when we cleaned out the Glenwood house.  She always told me it was my idea to cut my hair like that, but I distinctly remember her showing me the newspaper picture and saying, "how about this?"  What 8 year old is going to flip through the news paper looking for a hair style?  

Mother's Day was quiet.   I'm still not 100% over the sickness.  Veronica had been running fever all weekend, so we opted to stay home and order in. No cooking and no fighting crowds or waiting for a table was fine with me!!  Clint had the florist deliver a gigantic two dozen red roses and gave me a pretty silver heart ring.  Veronica made a heart at school, and Val made a hand print wreath and a cookbook.  

Happy Mother's Day to all! 

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Monday, May 06, 2013

Me? Sick?

I haven't been this sick in years!  Sure, I've had the typical cold/sore throat/ junk.  I've always been a wait it out gal.  The last time I went to the doctor for being sick was back in 2008 when we all had the never-ending flu.

Seriously, 2008!!

I had the usual sore throat and sniffles a few weeks ago.  It got better after a few days, but then we spent an evening at a smokey casino concert. *cough cough*  The smoke did me in and I completely lost my voice and was sick again.  I took a few days off from the gym and all seemed ok, except my voice still was sketchy at times.

This past Thursday, I had a horrible headache.  By bedtime, I was hot/cold and achey all over.  I had a terrible, uncomfortable night tossing and turning.  Friday morning when my alarm went off I just wanted to stay in bed.  I took my temp:  101.  No wonder.  After we got the girls off to school, I spent the day in bed fighting this feverish icky feeling.  Saturday I had to get dressed and get the girls fancied up for dance pictures.  Still a 101 feverish coughing mess.  Sunday, more of the same, so off to Urgent Care I went.  It's a little more pricey than an office visit, but very efficient for a walk in clinic and worth it!!  The verdict?  Most likely it started as something viral - perhaps the flu - and led to the rest:  upper respiratory infection, pharyngitis, and bronchitis!!  Two injections and four prescriptions later, and I'm still fighting it.  Thankfully the fever seems to be gone, but the rest is sticking around longer than I'd like.  We all know mommies don't get days off, so I hope to be better soon!  In the mean time I guess I am taking another unscheduled break from the gym.

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