Thursday, August 15, 2013

PO'd at the PO! (post office)

We have the LAZIEST mail carrier(s) around.  This old man makes no effort at all to deliver anything beyond putting letters in the box.  Just this past May he forcefully shoved an Amazon box into my mailbox and left it wide open with the box sticking out.  Corners of the box crushed and all.  When I jimmied the box out, the flag fell off.  Shoving the box in there snapped off the clip that held my flag in place.

Today's story is about a plastic mailer that contained my Synthroid.  It was sent -- and I stress --REGULAR mail with delivery confirmation.  No signature or fancy receipt required.  All the carrier had to do was leave it in the mailbox as they have been doing for the past nine years or so.

Today, makes  a week that I have been waiting every day for my medicine.  I decided to log onto the pharmacy and see if there was a tracking number.  There was!

Attempted delivery?  Notice left?  HUH? SAY WHAT?  At 4:01 on August 10th, we were all home.  In fact, Clint spent the day doing yard work -- so he was OUTSIDE all day.  The kids and I went to a party at the library, but we were back before 4pm.  So when was this so called "attempt" made?  And where the heck was the "notice" that was left?   I made a complaint with the post office only to be told that the package has been at the post office awaiting pick up and that if I needed it, I should pick it up.  WTF?  Keep in mind this is a regular piece of first class mail!!!!  

Clint happened to be going into town, so he went by the post office to pick it up.  He complained and was told that 'sometimes they don't like to leave medicine."  So for the first time in NINE years it was decided it wasn't a good idea to leave medicine in my mailbox WHILE WE WERE HOME.  Makes sense to me. 

If this was a one time thing, I'd deal with it.  Countless times we get the wrong mail or no mail.   Pretty much anytime a signature is required or the carrier has anything beyond a letter, he just assumes not one is here and sticks a notice in the box.   I am home just about every day when he passes.  At least twice now, I have gone out to get the mail right after he passed and he kicks the mail truck in reverse "Oh I have something for you... didn't think anyone was home."   Ummm how can you tell if you didn't honk/knock/make any effort at all??

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