Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Well, things have been quiet.  I practically have NO visitors since I moved my blog here.  Just the occasional random hit from a bot.  Not that I had all that many visitors or comments before.  It is kind of nice in a lot of ways - ha!  Guess I will have to come out of hiding eventually.

Summer has just flown by.  The girls stayed busy with camp and friends. The usual summer fun. We had our big July 4th bash and it was a huge success.  It seems my house has become 'daycare' central.  I don't mind friends coming here to play.  Some times it isn't so bad.... other times I feel I am being taken advantage of.  I don't mind helping someone out, but when play time overlaps babysitting time repeatedly.... babysitting for a few hours turns into a sleepover and 24 hours later she is still here, it is a bit much.  Especially when my kids are NEVER invited over.  NEVER.  I'm expected to provide food and entertainment for days on end, and it's never reciprocated....  I've about had enough.

I could say the same about us.  We host parties and get togethers.....   if we want to do something, WE have to plan it.  If we don't want to sit at home alone on a holiday, WE have to invite others here at our expense.  No one EVER invites us over for a barbecue or dinner or to hang out.  I'm tired of always footing the bill and always being looked upon to entertain.....  kids and adults.

School starts in less than a week!!   My girls are off to third and first grade already.  I am thrilled that both girls got the teachers I wanted them to have.  I'm not worried about Val at all.  That girl is too smart sometimes.  Just this summer she read 26 chapter books, usually finishing off 1-2 in a day.  Veronica... well I don't think she is behind in any way but she needs a little encouragement.  Last year she had a first year kindergarten teacher.  We liked her just fine, but it being her first year I didn't find her as organized as someone with more experience.  Veronica has an amazing first grade teacher this year, so I hope and pray it helps her.

I'll be back to the gym once school starts.  It has been nice taking the summer off for the most part, but I feel so lazy.  and blah.  I have definitely put on a few pounds....  so it's time to get back to the routine!  I am going to make a few changes in my gym schedule.  Get ready for a new and improved me, coming soon!!
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