Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Bayou Country Children's Museum

We have a new local attraction -- The Bayou Country Children's Museum has been open not quite a week.  It has been in the works for years and years and finally it is complete.  In this small town with so little to do, having something like this is huge!! We have already been twice!!  Last Wednesday was early dismissal, so after homework was done we made the short trip to Thibodaux to check out the museum.  It is $7 each to get in or $100 to be come a member with unlimited access.  I opted for the membership because if we go four times it's paid for!!  Yesterday was the official grand opening, so of course we could not pass that up either.  I am SUPER excited to have something like this locally!!  I do not drive in New Orleans and this is close enough for us to go often.  Nothing to do?  Rain or shine we can go visit the museum!   My girls just looooooved it and I had to almost drag them out of there when it was time to leave.  I hope they do not get bored with it and I hope the facility is kept up.

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