Wednesday, October 02, 2013


I have been thinking about a kitten for a while.  Not just any kitten.  A Siamese kitty.  I still think about Periwinkle and get teary.  The short time he was alive he was a super cat.  Bella is just beautiful and has the most gorgeous blue eyes.  We get many comments on just how lovely she is by everyone who sees her.  She's sweet and smart.  I found a breeder a few hours from here and inquired about kittens.  As beautiful as a registered kitty would be, at $600 a pop I just couldn't do it.  Plus, it didn't feel right with so many homeless babies around.  I started looking at the FB pets groups.  I figured when the right one would come along, I would know.

A few days ago I spotted a tiny  almost "grumpy cat" look alike named Rufus on the Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter's FB page.  He was definitely a Siamese Snowshoe mix.  Poor kitty just looked so cute and so sad in the cage at the same time.  I even sent his picture to Clint because he was so lonely looking.  Yesterday I thought for sure he had been adopted by now, so I went to check on him.  As I was looking at his picture, a new comment popped up that this kitty was on THE LIST for today.  You know what list.  My heart sank.  I know it's a harsh reality but this kitty was just beautiful.  I sent Clint and text and told him I wanted to save him.  Then I did just that.  I drove to the shelter and asked to see Rufus.  There was teeny, tiny, blue eyed 7-8 week old Rufus who didn't stand a chance in that sad cage.

And just like that, we are now a cat family of three.

I admit today, I am wondering what did I get myself into.  Bella is very, very upset.  She does not do well with other cats, but I am holding on to the hope that she will adjust and accept him.  Bella is the head cat and she does not like this intruder.  Sassy will be all right in time as she has always adjusted in the past.  As I sit here and type, unnamed kitty is crawling all over me like a mad cat.  Shoulder, neck, arms, legs and repeat....  and has not sat still for two seconds and is scratching and nibbling and constantly meowing.  Every step I have taken has had this little kitty at my feet meowing at me  He followed Val and Roni around like a puppy yesterday.  Maybe he is saying, "Thank you, thank you!  I'm alive!!!!!"

Now, what are we going to name him??

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