Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Joke's on me

My Dad was a bit of a jokester.  Only his jokes weren't all that funny.  Some of them were pretty bad, and yet somehow that made them funny.  It was sort of like watching a really bad horror movie that was SO bad that it was hilarious but that wasn't the premise at all.

Back in August we decided to sell my Dad's old Dell desktop computer - the whole set up: tower, monitor, and printer.  It was old and slow, and the kids now have laptops to play games on.  I listed it on several for sale pages on Facebook at a bargain price because I just wanted it out of the way.  There was a lady nearby who wanted it.  She definitely wanted it, but she didn't get paid until Friday, which was a few days away.  She wanted to come give me money to hold it for her, but I messaged her that it wasn't necessary.  I told her about where I lived and gave her my number so she could call when she was ready to come get it.  After a week or so of not hearing anything from her, I sold the computer to someone else.

Yesterday, the phone rings.

A raspy woman's voice says, "Melany?"

"This is Melanie,"  I say.

"This is Helen," she says. 

*silence*  While I try to place a Helen....  no clue.  

"You're holding a computer for me until Friday."  


"You had messaged me on Facebook?" 

Ok, I vaguely remembered now.  And I politely told her that was a few months ago and that since I didn't hear back from her, I had sold it to someone else.  

She sounded a little surprised but said thanks and hung up.  

Seriously.... was she stuck in a time warp or something??  Why on earth would you call someone - a stranger - TWO MONTHS+ after the fact expecting them to still be holding an item for you......

I got to thinking about it.  I'm guessing since it was my Dad's computer and I got this very bizarre phone call on the anniversary of my Dad's passing, it could only be one thing.  It was one of his "bad" jokes.

Thanks, Dad, for letting me know you're still around.
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