Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

It's hard making holidays special.  As a Mom, I feel it all falls on me.  While everyone else it seems is gathering with family and friends, it is just the four of us.  We see each other every day.  We eat every meal together.  So.... does it matter what we are wearing?  There's no reason to get dressed up because no one will see us.  Does it matter if the house isn't spotless?  So what if the kids drag a few toys into the living room.  Having Thanksgiving dinner together isn't much different than any other day.  I do try and prepare holiday only dishes and use my good china.  We ate in the formal dining room instead of the kitchen.  I put on my good table cloth and had Valerie help me set the table and she made some decorations.  We all said what we are thankful for to each other.  We ate our fried turkey and traditional side dishes.  Other than that though, I am at a loss at how to make the day seem less ordinary.

Growing up, there was just the three of us - me, Mom, and Dad.  Both sets of grandparents would come over to eat just about every year, so that in itself was something.  Maybe once or twice we were invited to someone's house.  My Mom would spend all morning cooking.  Hours and hours it seems.  She sure could cook!  But afterwards, the dishes would go on forever.  And my Dad usually did them all, and it took him hours and hours to get the kitchen back in order.  After Clint and I married, we hosted a few Thanksgivings and did most of the cooking.  After my Mom was gone, it was a given that my Dad would come here.  Now, it's just the four of us.

The past few years we have opted for the easy way out and ordered a pre-cooked dinner.  This year was no exception, and I have to say that the meal was better than anything we could have cooked ourselves.  I always make extra side dishes, but at least the main part of Thanksgiving dinner is out of the way.  It doesn't make sense to spend those hours and hours cooking for four people, especially when two of those four may not eat it anyway.  The kids were super excited about it being Thanksgiving.  I guess they do not know any different so they don't feel like they are missing out on anything.

Maybe it's just me and that we are together IS enough.

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