Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Traditions

What do YOU do on Christmas Eve??

Clint and I have been talking about finding something different to do with the girls on Christmas Eve.  I want a new tradition.  I would like to do something special that the girls will look forward to each year.  Something very Christmasy.  Neither of us can come up with anything.  I'm open to suggestions.  It can be during the day or early evening.....

Christmas Eve night, we usually have party food - finger sandwiches, cocktail meatballs and sausages, chips/dip,  and whatever holiday themed goodies I have baked.  The Christmas music is playing.  We take pictures in front of the tree.  When the kids can't stand it any longer, we open our gifts to each other.  I try to drag it out so that it isn't over in the blink of an eye. Then we clean up the (huge) mess of wrapping paper and boxes.  Afterwards it's hurry up, get them to bed so Santa can pass.

It is what it is, but I still wish there were something more to do than stay home.  We've thought about going riding to look at lights, but we already do that from time to time during December.  We could go to the mall to people watch.  We've done that just to pass the time.  Perhaps we could go to the movies, but then again we can do that any other time...

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  1. I've seen one online of a "Christmas Eve box" which has special pyjamas, a dvd to watch, popcorn and cocoa to make. So you could open the box after your dinner and presents, and snuggle in and watch a movie together.