Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dinner is served.... or not

Quite a while back I posted a picture of our dinner on Facebook.  I think it was chicken and sausage gumbo.  I got a response from someone who exclaimed "OMG Melanie, you can cook???  I thought you only ate restaurant food!!!"

*blank look*

I am unsure where or how the commentor gathered that information.  At that time, I cooked nearly every single day.  By 4:00 when the kids get home, I had dinner ready every day.  The whole leg issue has put a big kink in that routine, but it's not like I never cook.  I have known some stay at home moms (and dads) who don't cook and I could never figure out what they ate. How can you not cook for your family -- ever?  From what I gathered, they picked up fast food or ate at someone else's house.  Not to be mean, but all of them are severely overweight and unhealthy from all the Mc Donald's crap the eat several times a week.  Maybe they didn't know how to cook.  I didn't either at first but it wasn't hard to learn. It's the not cooking ever because you don't want to I don't get.  

Slowly, we are becoming one of 'those' families, and I do not like it one bit.  Today for instance, I spent the morning grocery shopping and picking up last minute Christmas gifts.  School will be out in a few days, so I wanted to get a few more things before the girls are home.  After walking around Walmart and a few dollar stores, I am done for the day.  I picked up the groceries and tidied up a bit. The house is still a wreck.  Clothes and dishes are not even started.  Standing in the kitchen cooking supper feels impossible.  I feel terrible and I just can't be on my feet any longer today.  I keep telling myself this too shall pas...this too shall pass.....     in the mean time, I have no idea what dinner will be.

What does your family do? Do you prefer home cooked meals or dining out?

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  1. As a single, working I would say "it depends" :) I *love* cooking, but the cooking I love to do is more along the lines of something more elaborate than the usual mid-week dinner routine. I certainly rely on "helper" type all-in-one-pot meals more than I would like. I also love it when someone else (a restaurant) does all the work for me especially after a long day of work and/or volunteering & shuttling around sports fields. Ideally we would eat at home 4-5 nights a week and eat out 2-3.

    (Hi - found you via Holidailies :-))

  2. Most of the time, I cook at home rather than going out or eating in. I was single and living on my own for about 8 years after college, and I took advantage of that time to save money by figuring out how to cook for myself. Now that I'm married with two children, it's a no-brainer to keep it up.

    When I don't cook, it's likely because we're taking advantage of the fact that my wife and I work at a boarding school, and we're getting a free dinner (with our kids) at work. What I cook is generally healthier, but the variety of a salad bar makes it easier to feed the kids.

    Everyone once in a while, we'll order in or go out, but that's pretty rare.