Friday, December 06, 2013

How lovely are thy (bare) branches...

Our tree has been up for a little over a week.  I was very late with my decorations this year.  We usually drag them out the weekend before Thanksgiving, but we were on our beach vacation this year.  We got them out Thanksgiving afternoon.  I can't stand the chaos of having storage totes all over, so the sooner we get it all out the better!!   I loooove my tree.  It was a 90% off after Christmas find at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.  I got a $599 tree for $59!  We actually cut about a foot off the top because it touched the ceiling.   It looks so much like a real tree and has fooled quite a few people.  It has white lights, but we wrap a few strands colored lights because all kids want color.  Valerie and Veronica decorated the tree, so it isn't perfect as they haven't figured out the concept of ornament spacing!  Veronica especially made a "Santa town" and wanted to put all of the Santa ornaments in the same spot.  (I won't lie... after they were done I did a little bit of rearranging!!  shhhhh!)

After a few hours of work, here's the finished project:

In a week a few things have gone awry.  It isn't as bad as expected.  Hmmm the ribbon is partially pulled off.  And the bottom of the tree is mysteriously barren of ornaments.  Some of them are on the floor here and there around the house.  I often hear them rattling around on the tile floor at all hours of the night.

I can't

imagine who

is to blame??

I guess I should be thankful the tree is still standing.  

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  1. I love your tree! And that cat is so pretty but I imagine she loves the tree as well

  2. Beautiful tree! Beautiful perpetrator, too.

  3. Putting all the Santas together sounds like a good idea! I wanted to put all of my mom's cow ornaments near each other on the tree, but she said "no" too. :P