Friday, December 13, 2013

Mall of Christmas

I had an appointment at the hospital for a test yesterday, so afterwards I thought I could manage a trip to the mall  (a whole 'nother story but I was so wrong -- I paid the price for all that walking.)  Valerie had gotten the cutest Hello Kitty hat, scarf, and glove set for her birthday.  Veronica has been pining over it, so I decided to buy her one too.

I like going to the mall at Christmas time.  I like the hustle and bustle of shoppers.  I like hearing Christmas music piped throughout the stores and decorations all over.  I like seeing all the holiday gifts on display.  I was walking with Dillard's looming before me when a familiar feeling came over me.  It's hard to describe but it is a feeling that something is missing and wanting more.  My Mom and I were great shoppers.  When I was a teenager and a young single adult, we'd plan big shopping trips, especially in December.  We had a few people to buy for, but mostly we shopped for ourselves!!  We'd go to all the malls with in a few hours driving distance and spend all day going from store to store.  We were great at bargain shopping.

As a young teen, I'd long for something more.  The romantic in me wanted love.  I wanted someone to walk beside me, hand in hand with me through the mall. I wanted someone to take a fun Santa picture with.  I wanted someone besides my Mom to share this holiday spending spree with.  I'd see so many young couples walking around, and there I was with my Mom.  No doubt I'd run into some groups of friends, and I'd be there with my Mom because I had no one else.  You know, the typical teen who doesn't want to be seen with Mom all the time.

Yesterday as I was walking through the mall I had that very same feeling.  I remembered it right away.  Only it wasn't my husband or my kids that I was missing. It was a longing for Mom, my fabulous shopping partner.  I could almost feel the memory of my Mom walking beside me in jeans and a white button down shirt, toting her purse over her shoulder and shopping bags of bargains in hand.  

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