Saturday, December 21, 2013

Nine years of wonder


Just a number after eight, and before ten.  I'm afraid because next year means double digits!

It seems like just yesterday you were a tiny babe.  I stayed home so I wouldn't miss a thing.  Quiet and curious. Not fussy or cranky too often.  Your first word was "mamamamamama."  Your funny little crawl, more of a scoot on one knee/one foot. Early talker, very late walker!  Last of every toddler we knew near your age to walk, at 17 months!!  So excited about life and everything is an adventure. Baby Einstein was your mantra.  That on screen caterpillar never failed to make you smile.  Brainy Baby Animals was played until it played no more.  Poppi was your favorite toy and he was not allowed to rest in your presence.  He went along with your every demand, as any good Poppi would.

Before long, you were a big sister!!  And your first day of pre-school came and went.  How you loved your little school!!  Bitter sweet was graduation and off to the big world of elementary school.

Kindergarten... First Grade... Second Grade...six, seven, eight. Straight A's across the board and always, always chosen for the first Student of the Month of the year.  SO proud of all your accomplishments.  Talk, talk, talk... non stop.  Still full of wonder about the world around you.  So many memories.... the years are all such a blur!  Where did my little girl go??

Now you are a big Third Grader, celebrating your 9th birthday TODAY!! When/how did this happen??  How am I a mom of such a big girl??

Happy 9th birthday to my Val Gal.  The best Christmas present I have ever received.  Thank you my firstborn for making me a Mom.  It's bittersweet watching you grow up.  Love you more than you will ever know.....

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  1. Wow I can't believe she's 9 already!! Happy Birthday!!!