Monday, December 30, 2013

Not quite hoarders material...yet

I proudly admit I have a bit of a shopping addiction this time of year.  Why?  What do you mean WHY?!  I admit I was at Walmart before 7am on December 26.  Anything and everything holiday is half price after Christmas.  THIS is where the hoarding comes in to play.  I paid $2.25 for gift sets with battery powered Hello Kitty toothbrushes and full sized toothpaste.  I didn't buy one or two...I bought ten.  WHY?  Just a kid's toothbrush is $4.00+ or more.  Same goes for shampoo and conditioner, body wash, lotion, lip gloss, cheap make up, razors and shaving gel, perfume, nail polish... the list goes on.  Gift sets = half price = DEAL!!  I won't have to buy any bath stuff for quite some time.

Then yesterday, we made a quick trip to Target.  70% off almost everything.  Jackpot!!  Even the $1 spot Christmas items were $.30.  How can you pass up crafts, stickers, window clings, etc. for a mere thirty cents?!  The regular Christmas stuff...they had blankets, throw pillows, lights, door mats, stockings, trees, and ornaments galore.  And using a Target card is another 5%  the $90 that I spent was regular price near $300.

And I admit....  to top off what I already have, at Bath and Body Works today I got 12 bottles of body wash and a few hand sanitizers.  Now before you say that is crazy, keep in mind there are three of us that use this stuff daily.  So we do use a lot of it!!  Some of them were as low as $2.75. I had a $10 off coupon AND by using my Discover card I will get 5% cash back.

So yes....  I am hoarding bath products!!!!  Is it really hoarding though??  They are consumable and we WILL use them.  Yes, I know you probably think I am totally nuts.  BUT don't come crying to me when you are out of shampoo or need a new razor because it is mine... all mine!!!
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