Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ribbons, Tags, Boxes, Packages, and Bags!

It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags. -- The Grinch. 

Oh if only it were true.  
I truly dislike wrapping presents.  Still.  I gripe about it every year.  My Mom always told me I wrapped presents wrong.  I measured the paper the wrong way.  "Turn it the other way to use less paper," she'd say.  To this day I have no idea what that meant.  I gather my supplies.  Sit on the floor and begin to wrap.  The first few are always not so bad.  After about three or four, I've had enough.  I often choose not to take the time to make sure the corners and folds are perfect.  It's going to be ripped to shreds anyway, right??  As long as the contents under the wrapping are hidden, that's good enough.  As for bows and ribbon... I don't even bother with bows.  The cats usually pull them off and drag them through the house.  They don't stick well and you have to tape them down.  Too much work.  Gift bags were invented for people like me!!  If only I could gift bag everything.  Birthday gifts are almost always bagged.  Christmas is different.  I like to look of colorful piles of wrapped gifts under my tree.  And they are more fun to open.  This year I am attempting something different in hopes to thwart my gift wrapping woes.  I am just about done with all my shopping.  My hiding spots are about full, so it's time to wrap before they are discovered.  My goal has been to wrap two or three gifts each day.  It just takes a few minutes and it isn't this huge daunting task.  The first thing the girls do when they get home is rush to the tree to see how many new gifts there are, and there are a lot!  

Thankfully, Santa takes the easy way out and just places the toys under the tree!   Does your Santa wrap or leave them unwrapped??

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  1. I loathe wrapping as well. But alas it is a task that has to be done. No presents under my tree yet. Your tree is pretty. Found you thrugh Holidailies!

  2. Your tree looks gorgeous!! I don't mind the wrapping; it's part of the fun of gifting!

    Looks like the comment thingy is working now!

    Happy Thursday!