Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Snow on the Beach

While the kids were out of school for Thanksgiving break, we took a trip to Gulf Shores, AL.  It had been a year and half since we had been there.  Usually we don't see much cold weather in the South.  If we do, it is a day or two then the heat and humidity returns.  Well, it was just our luck that not one but two strong cold fronts passed while we were on vacation.  It was near or below freezing every single night!!  And the highs for the day was in the 50s.  I know, northern folk say that is nothing!!  But for us warm blooded Southerns, that is cold.  We stayed on the 15th floor of a condominium, with floor to ceiling glass walls facing north. The thin curtains did nothing to block the cold, and even with the heat turned up to 84 degrees it was so cold in the bedrooms.  The warmest room was the kids' room because it had no windows!   It was so windy that the railings on the balcony rattled constantly.  We braved the cold wind to walk the beach a few times and amazingly there were people in the water!  Yikes!!

Overall, we had a nice get-a-way and enjoyed visiting The Track, the Tanger Outlets in Foley, Souvenir City, and of course a beach visit isn't complete with out lunch at Lambert's.  Probably the highlight of the trip was lunch at The Hangout.  It just so happened to be overcast and very cold that day.  We were finishing with lunch when we were told to go outside to the beach area.  It was about to snow on the beach!!!  Not real snow of course, but it sure felt cold enough to snow.  Val and Roni went a little crazy running around midst the flurries.  I never would have guessed we'd see snow on the beach!

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