Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wait.. how many cookies??

Last night Valerie had her Christmas party/show off night at dancing.  There is no recital this year, so instead through out the year there are a few show off nights so we can see what they are learning.  Each parent is asked to bring a food item or drinks to the party.  I got picked to bring cookies, and normally I would bake cookies but this year I bought some.  Since Veronica's party is tonight, I bought the biggest tray cookies thinking it would be plenty enough for both classes.  It was roughly six dozen cookies.

While the girls dance for us, the student teachers prepare a plate of goodies for each student.  They all sit in a circle and eat while talking about their Christmas lists.  After everyone was served, I went to the food table to get whatever was left of my container of cookies because Veronica was asking to try one.

They were all gone.  They had even thrown the container away (?) because it too was gone.

Seventy Two cookies -  all gone.  There are only NINE girls in the class.  NINE girls vs 72 cookies????  And I wasn't the only one who brought cookies -- someone else brought a platter of homemade chocolate chip.  Each girl would have had 8-9-10 cookies on their plate, in addition the other treats that were brought.  Two or three cookies each would have been more than enough!

I'm not saying this is what happened, but I did see one of the student teacher's putting bags of chips a child had brought in her pockets.  My container was MIA.... so now I'm wondering exactly where did it go??   And to add to my dismay, I watched as many of the girls emptied their plates with half-eaten or uneaten cookies in the trash!!!  Like I said, two our three cookies would have been plenty.

Maybe I'm just being petty.  Maybe I'm just not happy that I have to trek to the store today to buy more cookies.  Maybe I just want to know where did my cookies go???
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