Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter Y'all!

I'm still battling whatever sickness this is:  Bronchitis turned sinus infection/whatever.  Easter Saturday was okay.  The girls had friends over and we made a bunny cake together.  Easter Sunday I felt just awful.  Relapse??  As in wanting to spend the day in bed awful!  Unfortunately that wasn't exactly an option.  Valerie and Veronica popped out of bed at 6:22am in awe of what the Easter Bunny had brought.  These are such fun times.... I wish they'd never end.  Clint barbecued for Easter dinner. I made my Dad's favorite - lemon meringue pie.   Some friends came by in the afternoon, which I was very grateful to have company on a holiday!!  Usually it is just the four of us sitting around.  At the same time, I wished to be laying in bed.  My head felt so stuffy that I couldn't think straight and just sitting upright was challenging.  I would have gone to urgent care again after our company left, but I felt just too awful to drive and I never would have made it in time since they closed at 6:00.  Instead I took a long steamy shower and went to bed!!  This morning I awoke feeling somewhat better.  Hopefully I'm on the mend.

I also had a follow up at the vein center for the procedure on my leg today... It was what I expected and not exactly what I wanted to hear.  I'll update the ongoing saga when I have a chance..

Hope everyone had a great Easter!!

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