Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Worst egg hunt ever

Every spring, the Bayou Blue Recreation center hosts an Easter celebration for kids twelve and under.  It's free, so it isn't too fancy, but it's something to do.  The Easter Bunny is there and you get a free picture with him.  After the picture, they give each child a basket or bucket of goodies.  There are games, crafts, door prizes galore, and snacks.   After everything is done inside, there is a big Easter Egg hunt outside.  Like I said it isn't fancy, but it is usually nice enough and worth going to.

This past Saturday we arrived just before it started.  Once we got inside, the girls went straight to the craft table.  By the time they got to the table, one of the crafts was already out.  That was ok because there were others.  After picture time, they each got a plastic bucket with the tiniest chocolate bunny in it.  That was it.  Last year they had kites, candy, a coloring book....   That's ok because it's free and they didn't need that stuff anyway.  And there was still the egg hunt to look forward to.

Everyone began to head outside to wait for the egg hunt.  The kids excitedly watched as the director dumped boxes and boxes of colorful plastic eggs all over the baseball field.  It was A LOT of eggs!!!  They divided the kids into age groups.  Valerie was with the big kids, so she went by herself.  I stayed with Veronica.  All those little kids were eyeing those eggs and just bursting for someone to say GO!!   It was announced there were seven prize eggs.  Seven eggs with a piece of paper in it that said PRIZE.

GO!!  And all the kids dashed off to grab as many eggs as they could.  Veronica filled her bucket.  Valerie did too!  Oh boy!

In a flash, the grass was solid green again.  Veronica came running to me and we began to look to see if she had a prize egg.  But... there was something very wrong.  Valerie came over and noticed right away that something was wrong.

All the eggs were empty.

Huh?  No gum. No icky marshmallow bunnies.  No melted chocolate.  No jelly beans.  Nothing at all.

"I GOT NOTHING!!!!  NOTHING AT ALL!!! JERKS!!!"  Valerie began to yell as she opened empty egg after empty egg and threw them to the side. People were starting to stare she was being so loud, so I had to tell her to quiet down a bit.  And I hear tearful wails all around me from little kids who are discovering the same.

I can only assume that it was money issues, but they could have cut back on the door prizes and put SOMETHING in the eggs.  There were 25 Easter basket prizes just in the eggs alone... why not cut some of that back and fill the eggs or some of the eggs so that everyone gets something??

WHO on earth organizes an Easter Egg hunt for small children with empty eggs?  Jerks I tell ya.

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