Monday, June 30, 2014

An Audience

I know I lost a lot of my audience when I moved my blog.  Then I moved again.  And once again. Unfortunately that is the price I paid to get rid of a more than few unwanted followers. It was time for a fresh start.  I know I could be found if someone really wanted to find me.  I just felt if someone were to see me or my child on the street and would ignore us, that person had no business reading my business.  If they go a-lookin' and find me, so be it.  The same goes for the "friends" who would visit multiple times a day, every day, and go back pages and pages, but wouldn't hold a conversation in person.  It also hasn't helped that my posts have become more sporadic and less engaging.  A few of you stuck with me through the chaos and are still around... (HI) and I thank you for that!!

The truth is... I miss blogging.  I do it mostly for myself as an outlet to vent, but also to have a place to come to when I need to remember when my girls were babies and how far we have come.  I miss my readers.  I miss getting comments.  I miss sharing my baking adventures.  I'm missing out on sharing funny stories about my girls, and how they are growing up so fast.  That means there is less for me to look back on and remember.

I need to find a way to revive this dusty old page.  I need to find motivation and the time to sit down and write.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Big Kid

I grew up with a big kid.  He got up on Saturday mornings and sat on the couch with me and watched Bugs Bunny cartoons.  And laughed at them.  Along with The Three Stooges.  Rocky and Bullwinkle.  Scooby Doo.  The Pink Panther.  He took me to the park to fly kites and play chase.  We'd lay in the huge piles of clovers and look for shapes in the clouds.  We took along the metal detector and hunted for treasure.  We went to the school playground across the street almost daily.  I would wait for him to drive up every afternoon at 5:30 and burst out of the door to meet him in the driveway.  He played hide and seek better than anyone else I knew.  He played board games and sang silly songs.  He took me to buy strawberry sno-balls at the Twin Oaks Sno-ball Stand and ice cream at the Tastee Freeze.  He taught me how to ride a two wheeled bike.  We went on long bike rides all over the neighborhood.  We explored our area and did tourist attractions like visiting antebellum homes and swamp tours.  He took me to the fair every time it came to town. He rode the merry go round with me, the ferris wheel, and any big scary ride I was brave enough to try.  He played the carnival games right along side the little kids. He took me to the bowling alley and gave me as many quarters as I wanted to play pinball.  He took me to Mardi Gras parades and played parade with the beads over and over after we got home.  He read the comics to me every Sunday.  He took me to see the fireworks every July 4th and Labor Day weekend.  Every Christmas, we rode around town looking at lights.  He took me on early morning fishing trips and late night comet gazing adventures.  We paced the driveway at 2am watching my first lunar eclipse.  I helped him deliver newspapers early in the morning and we'd have breakfast at McDonald's afterwards.  He would pick up a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and we'd have a picnic in the shade at the barnyard zoo watching the farm animals.  He took me to the movies, the skating rink, and swimming at the lake.  He swam in tiny kiddie pools smack in the front yard and took me to the public pool at night.  He played my Strawberry Shortcake LP on the record player and sang along.  He'd stay up half the night to watch "Dracula" with me on channel 12.  The first thing we would do in a store is look at the toy aisle.  Typical little kid stuff.

I always thought it was funny that my Dad, a grown man, liked to do so much kid stuff.   Nobody else's parents did any of that.  He never complained and I don't ever remember him being in a hurry to leave.  He always seemed to laugh and have a great time right along side of me.  He liked to do the stuff I did and it was great!  My Dad liked kid stuff!!!  It wasn't until I was older, much older, that it dawned on me.  It wasn't the kid stuff he liked.  He liked me.

Oh, how I miss him.

Happy Father's Day....

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