Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ broken summer

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Once again.... Pink, of course

Oddly enough, one of my most popular blog posts is this one.  It seems lots of folks are looking for pictures of pink arm casts.  Veronica originally wanted a blue cast.  An icy blue cast....  a Frozen icy blue cast.  All they had was a dark royal blue and that wasn't the right color.  So, pink it is... of course.

I have to say Veronica has been a real trooper.  She's tougher than I thought.  Not once has she complained about having a cast or not being able to swim.  It hasn't itched or bothered her in any way.  If anything, she was upset when the doc said to come back in two weeks to have it cut off for an x-ray.  "I want it longer so I can have it for school," she said.  "It's too small... I don't have enough room for my friends to sign it."  Actually that part is true, so has so many signatures on it that there isn't much room left!!  Only this girl of mine.....   Here's hoping for good news when we return to the orthopedic next Tuesday!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And Mom of the year award goes to.....

Not me.

I know these things happen but I can't help but feel just awful.

Last Wednesday, we met some friends at Party Pad.  It's one of those inflatable bounce house places with the slides and games.  We were there about 15 minutes when Valerie ran up to me saying that Veronica had hurt herself.  Oh joy.  Veronica comes over to our table crying that she was running, tripped, fell. and her arm hurts.  (you know where this is going, right?)   I got her some ice and she sat at the table for a good hour.  She went right back to jumping eventually.  That night it was a little swollen, so I wrapped her arm in an ace bandage and put ice on it.  She seemed fine, other than complaining it hurt a bit when she had to pick something up.  Thursday she went to camp.  Friday we ran around town.

Saturday it was swollen and starting to discolor.  Hmmm.  I looked at it and moved it, squeezed it.  She said it didn't hurt.  She went swimming.  Went walking with me around the block.  She was her normal happy, silly, self.

Yesterday, a whole six days after the fall incident, Veronica was at camp and someone accidentally ran into her hurt arm.  I got a call saying her arm was very swollen and hurting a lot.  I picked her up and her arm looked worse than ever!!

The verdict after an x-ray at urgent care?  A radius buckle fracture.  Yikes.  My kid sat around for nearly six days with a broken arm.

Mom fail.  Big time.

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Monday, July 07, 2014

July 4th!!

For the past eight years, we have held a big celebration on July 4th.  It usually is an all day event, continuing past dark.  Over the years the guest list has dwindled.  Once we had sixty people drop by through out the day!!  That is a crowd for a small backyard affair.  Friends have come and gone.  Some moved and some we had just cause to cut ties with due to drama.

This year, we invited 25 families.  Out of that, eight responded.  The remainder just ignored the invite completely.  Even neighbors and people I see on a regular basis completely ignored the party.  One neighbor sent her kids over about 5pm to play on the water slide, but none of the three adults in the household made an appearance.  (Those kids stayed here until 11pm and then the Mom came looking for them) At the last minute, my across the street neighbor RSVP'd yes and said she wanted some cake, but never actually came over to get any cake.  Another "friend" and neighbor texted me at dark letting me know she was thinking about bringing her daughter over for fireworks, but they too were a no show.

Rude much?  It can't be just me.  A LOT goes into party planning:  buying and preparing food, decorations, getting the house ready for guests, setting up tables and chairs, cleaning the pool, the expense of renting a water slide, buying fireworks, etc...   It's rude to just ignore an invitation period.  It's rude to send your kids over alone.  It's rude to say you are coming (maybe) and not show up.  There isn't much I can do about it, but it makes me very angry that we thought of these people and chose to include them in our celebration and they chose to ignore us!!   I did a no-no and griped about it on Facebook because that was all I could do.   So, the guest list gets smaller.  I don't care how well I know them or how often I see them, none these people will NOT be invited next year.

Anyway, our party was GREAT!!!  Friends, lots of food, fun in the sun, a good bit of alcohol, and explosives after dark....   Happy Independence Day!!

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