Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And Mom of the year award goes to.....

Not me.

I know these things happen but I can't help but feel just awful.

Last Wednesday, we met some friends at Party Pad.  It's one of those inflatable bounce house places with the slides and games.  We were there about 15 minutes when Valerie ran up to me saying that Veronica had hurt herself.  Oh joy.  Veronica comes over to our table crying that she was running, tripped, fell. and her arm hurts.  (you know where this is going, right?)   I got her some ice and she sat at the table for a good hour.  She went right back to jumping eventually.  That night it was a little swollen, so I wrapped her arm in an ace bandage and put ice on it.  She seemed fine, other than complaining it hurt a bit when she had to pick something up.  Thursday she went to camp.  Friday we ran around town.

Saturday it was swollen and starting to discolor.  Hmmm.  I looked at it and moved it, squeezed it.  She said it didn't hurt.  She went swimming.  Went walking with me around the block.  She was her normal happy, silly, self.

Yesterday, a whole six days after the fall incident, Veronica was at camp and someone accidentally ran into her hurt arm.  I got a call saying her arm was very swollen and hurting a lot.  I picked her up and her arm looked worse than ever!!

The verdict after an x-ray at urgent care?  A radius buckle fracture.  Yikes.  My kid sat around for nearly six days with a broken arm.

Mom fail.  Big time.

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  1. I still think you are a great mom. Her arm did, after all, look fine and no one would have guessed.
    These things happen and I'm sure we all have been there.

    Sending hugs to Veronica. Praying that she gets well soon.