Monday, July 07, 2014

July 4th!!

For the past eight years, we have held a big celebration on July 4th.  It usually is an all day event, continuing past dark.  Over the years the guest list has dwindled.  Once we had sixty people drop by through out the day!!  That is a crowd for a small backyard affair.  Friends have come and gone.  Some moved and some we had just cause to cut ties with due to drama.

This year, we invited 25 families.  Out of that, eight responded.  The remainder just ignored the invite completely.  Even neighbors and people I see on a regular basis completely ignored the party.  One neighbor sent her kids over about 5pm to play on the water slide, but none of the three adults in the household made an appearance.  (Those kids stayed here until 11pm and then the Mom came looking for them) At the last minute, my across the street neighbor RSVP'd yes and said she wanted some cake, but never actually came over to get any cake.  Another "friend" and neighbor texted me at dark letting me know she was thinking about bringing her daughter over for fireworks, but they too were a no show.

Rude much?  It can't be just me.  A LOT goes into party planning:  buying and preparing food, decorations, getting the house ready for guests, setting up tables and chairs, cleaning the pool, the expense of renting a water slide, buying fireworks, etc...   It's rude to just ignore an invitation period.  It's rude to send your kids over alone.  It's rude to say you are coming (maybe) and not show up.  There isn't much I can do about it, but it makes me very angry that we thought of these people and chose to include them in our celebration and they chose to ignore us!!   I did a no-no and griped about it on Facebook because that was all I could do.   So, the guest list gets smaller.  I don't care how well I know them or how often I see them, none these people will NOT be invited next year.

Anyway, our party was GREAT!!!  Friends, lots of food, fun in the sun, a good bit of alcohol, and explosives after dark....   Happy Independence Day!!

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