Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Once again.... Pink, of course

Oddly enough, one of my most popular blog posts is this one.  It seems lots of folks are looking for pictures of pink arm casts.  Veronica originally wanted a blue cast.  An icy blue cast....  a Frozen icy blue cast.  All they had was a dark royal blue and that wasn't the right color.  So, pink it is... of course.

I have to say Veronica has been a real trooper.  She's tougher than I thought.  Not once has she complained about having a cast or not being able to swim.  It hasn't itched or bothered her in any way.  If anything, she was upset when the doc said to come back in two weeks to have it cut off for an x-ray.  "I want it longer so I can have it for school," she said.  "It's too small... I don't have enough room for my friends to sign it."  Actually that part is true, so has so many signatures on it that there isn't much room left!!  Only this girl of mine.....   Here's hoping for good news when we return to the orthopedic next Tuesday!
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  1. Awww! What a brave little girl!
    Tell her Aunty Veronica Lee is very proud of her!

    Praying that her arm will heal super fast.