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In Sarah McLachlan's Living Room

Oh how I love me some Sarah McLachlan!!! "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" is one of my all time favorite albums.  "Possession" is one of my all time favorite songs.  I actually met Clint partially because of that song.  I had recorded myself singing it and posted it online.  Clint ran across it through a friend of a friend and emailed me and mentioned making a better recording of it in his studio.  That was how our first conversation started.  (you can listen to it here!)

As soon as I heard Sarah McLachlan was coming to New Orleans August 1, there was no way I was going to miss it.  Tickets went on sale March 14, my Dad's birthday, and I scored the best orchestra seats Ticketmaster would let me pick.  I started following her tour information and learned about the Living Room contest.  On her webpage, it asked for you to tell how you Shine On.  I did.  Clint did, too, for good measure.  It was just last year we won Madonna's Golden Triangle tickets, so I didn't see it happening twice.

Thursday morning, I was getting ready to paint the dining room while listening to "Shine On."   This popped in:

Congratulations Melanie Galliano!

You are invited to join Sarah McLachlan on stage this Friday, August 1, in New Orleans! You and a guest will watch Sarah perform a few of her songs from the best seats in the house! Your special invitations will be waiting at Will Call for you the evening of the show with further details. You will spend part of the show in your purchased seat, so don't forget your tickets!

Please respond to this email by 5 pm EST, July 31, to accept this prize. Sorry for the urgency. Another winner did not respond in the allotted time frame and you were chosen in their place. We will also need confirmation that you have tickets to the selected show. To provide proof of purchase, please attach a picture of your tickets or forward the email confirmation if you bought them online. We look forward to hearing from you!

Congratulations once again and enjoy the show!

OMG for real???  I won.  I WON!!

Our plan was to leave very early to be sure we had enough time to claim my invitation at the box office and have a nice dinner somewhere in the Quarter with out having to rush.  Our wonderful sitter arrived to occupy the kids and we left at 4pm so we had plenty of time before the 8 o'clock show.

We were about 15 minutes away from home on the interstate and this happened:

It took Clint a while to figure out how to access the spare underneath the vehicle, then it was a slow drive back home to get Clint's truck.

Take Two #ShineonTour

We got to NOLA, parked in the closest parking lot next to the Saenger to the tune of $30, and walked over to the box office.  This was waiting for me:

A handwritten invitation!  It sure looks like her handwriting to me, so I'll just go with it.  We were short on time (see above,) so it was McDonald's, Chinese, or IHop for dinner.  IHop it was for a quick meal.  It wasn't exactly what we had in mind for our dinner in the Quarter, but we made it work.

The Saenger is just gorgeous!!!  This was the first time we had been there since it re-opened after Katrina.  It's the perfect venue since it isn't very big, but yet it's big enough.   We found our seats, donned our yellow wristbands, and waited for the show to begin.

Sarah took the stage a few minutes after 8:00 and she opened with one of her new songs, "Flesh and Blood."  She just has the most amazing voice!!

The setlist:
Flesh and Blood
Building a Mystery
In Your Shoes
Broken Heart
World on Fire

Then it was TIME.  She asked the yellow wristbands (us) to meet on the sage left to be escorted to her Living Room.  She answered a few questions she pulled from a hat, then walked over to us.  "Hi, I'm Sarah," as she gave each of us a hug.  I had brought my Shine On CD for her to sign and I really wanted a picture with her!!  The girl next to me said she had a gift for her, a bracelet that someone in the audience had made.  Sarah put it on, said her thanks and turned to the rest of us and said:

"Does anyone else have any presents for me?"


"OH I meant QUESTIONS!!!!  Questions!!!"

Sarah laughed, made a few jokes, and seemed genuinely embarrassed by her goof.  To my dismay, she quickly got up and went on with the show.  I had my Shine On CD booklet in my hand with a pen.... and she got up before I could ask her to sign it.  My husband tried to get her attention as she turned away but she didn't notice.  No pics or autographs for any of us sitting in her first set Living Room.  I'm still bummed.

The three songs we were in the Living Room for were:
Loving You is Easy

The band took a 20 minute break before coming back for a second set.  I have to say the second set was much better than the first.  Sarah McLachlan rocked the house!!!

The second setlist:
Song For My Father
I Will Remember You
Brink of Destruction
Hold On
Love Beside Me
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
(blue wrist bands to the Living Room)
Sweet Surrender
Beautiful Girl
Ice Cream
The Sound that Love Makes

All in all, FABULOUS show!!!  Being invited to her Living Room on stage was the coolest experience.  I do wish she would have taken pics with us and signed my CD....  but that's life I guess.  If Sarah McLachlan comes our way again, it's a must do for me!!

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