Saturday, December 27, 2014

Amazon Kindle - FAIL #Amazon #kindleproblems #brickedkindlefireHD

I have to complain a bit about Amazon and the 32 GB Kindle Fire HD we got for Veronica last Christmas.  Actually, we got two of them - one for Valerie and one for Veronica.  Clint got them using air mileage points.  With all of the traveling he does, he had a crazy number of points and decided to cash them all in for Christmas gifts.  He ordered them in November since we weren't sure how long it would take for them to arrive.  These devices sold on Amazon for over $300 each and we were excited to get them for free.  Yes, if we would have bought them outright, we would have spent over $600.  Anyway, when they were delivered, we put them on a shelf in the closet.  There they sat until it was almost Christmas, and Clint powered them up to have them set up, charged, and to go when Santa delivered them.

Veronica and I shared her Kindle.  I liked to read free Amazon books and check out library books on it.  Veronica played games on it from time to time.  I downloaded lots of kid friendly books for her and she'd look through them sometimes.  More often than I thought, Veronica's Kindle sat untouched.  Sometimes we didn't know where it was and we'd find it stashed on a shelf somewhere.  Literally weeks would go by and it sat forgotten.  Basically, it had very light use.

One night in November she was trying to play a game and the Kindle Fire's screen went black.  Nothing we did would turn it on.  After looking for help online, we discovered this being stuck in a boot loop is a very common problem.  We tried all the tricks online to reset it and got nothing.  Clint contacted Amazon and none of their suggestions worked either.  Support said it was dead and needed to be replaced.  Since we didn't buy it directly from Amazon, they looked up when it was purchased from Amazon.  August.  They said the only solution was to purchase ANOTHER Kindle because the one year warranty was up.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on ME.  Never mind that it wasn't even turned on until December.  Never mind that it only had very light use.  Never mind that a $300 tablet didn't even last ONE YEAR.  Amazon must be out of their minds if they think we would actually give them more money for another Kindle Fire when this one was barely used died for no apparent reason.  Something that costs $300 shouldn't have turned into a brick after 11 months of light use!!

So, if you ever think about buying a Kindle Fire, don't.  I will never, ever buy another Kindle anything again.

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 #Amazon #kindleproblems #brickedkindlefireHD

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