Monday, December 15, 2014

Cat Herding Day

I first saw today's prompt and thought it said cat HOARDING day.  That I could write about. There once was a time when I was a kid and we had six cats, a dog, a bird, a rabbit, two or three chickens, and a duck.  I guess that would be animal hoarding.  Anyway, that's a moot point because as it turns out, it said Cat Herding and not hoarding.

I am owned by two cats and it was supposed to be three.  (RIP my Pepper baby.)  Cat herding is only possible when you rattle a can of cat treats.  Then and only then is the impossible made possible. They will follow you and go where you do.  Actually, now that I think bout it, most likely the reality is the cats are herding me.  Somehow they know just how to corral me in the direction of the food bowls when they are empty.

Or you could just build a cat trap.  

Of course I know the reference Cat Herding is speaking figuratively.   If you find yourself overwhelmed with a difficult task - whether it's work, home life, or whatever seems impossible --  rattle your can of treats or tricks to find your way through it!  Figuratively of course.

Happy Cat Herding Day!!  Now to tackle something impossible....

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