Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Tour

If you're like me, you have Christmas decor galore.  We have about 10 storage totes packed full of Christmas stuff.  It's Clint's job every year to drag them down from the attic and then to haul them back up again.  Every year on December 26th, I hit the stores and always find too good to pas up bargains.  And so the collection grows.  I also kept a good bit of my Mom's decorations and Clint's Mom had some nice things too.  I don't put it all out every year because I just don't have the space.  It's almost here - Christmas is only nine days away!  I thought that I'd better show off some of my Christmas decorations before it's too late.

We got the nutcracker on credit from returned wedding gifts!  It has been a favorite of the kids as long as I can remember.  My little girl elf came from Old Time Pottery in Gulf Shores, AL.  The standing tree came from the dollar store on last year's clearance.  It was 70% off and too cute to pass up.

Our advent countdown.  I got this at Target's 50% off sale many years ago.  Our Elf "Chippy" places two Hershey Kisses inside for each day.  Every morning the girls rush out of bed to see if they have candy.  Valerie seems to have lost interest (boo) but Veronica is still excited to find candy every morning.

My little1950s  Putz House!!  My Mom had one just like this.  It had a blinking light inside and I remember staring at it for hours and imagining a family living inside and children waiting for Santa.  Sadly, it was very well worn and she threw it away.  I managed to score this one on eBay a few years ago.  

Chistmases past!  I like to display the Santa pics from all the previous years on our piano.  The mall has the same Santa every year, so he always looks the same.  My girls do not. 

This is made similar to my Putz House.  It has a switch on the bottom to light it up inside.  I got this at a 70% off sale at Target last year. 

Santa Nesting Dolls!!  I stumbled across these a few months ago at a mini storage sale.  There is this place that has 30+ storage units packed to the ceiling with stuff!!  I don't know where it all comes from, but I could spend forever digging around in that place.  I spied these on a shelf still in the original box and they sold them to me for $2!!!  

This Santa came from the same mini storage place as the nesting dolls.  I just wanted a cute Santa to put by our tree.  It has a spot for batteries, but we put the batteries in and flipped the on switch but nothing happened.  Oh well, broken... or so we thought.  One night a few weeks ago, Veronica was playing with him and she found a hidden button up his sleeve!  Lo and behold, if you push that button, music plays, his lights glow, and he moves.  

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