Thursday, December 18, 2014


I admit I wasn't always nice to everyone when I was a child.  In particular was Danielle.  Danielle lived in the rent house next door and was a few years younger than me.  I was 12 or 13 and she was 9 or 10.  She liked to hang out with me and my friends, most likely because we were the 'older girls, and she wanted to be a part of the group.  Danielle would go along with almost anything we wanted because she wanted to fit in.  She was usually out scapegoat at sleep overs and would get toothpasted and markered as she slept, among other things.

One afternoon I was standing in my front yard talking to my best friend, Cindy, who lived on the other side of us.  We probably spent years of our young lives talking over that chain link fence.  Over walks Danielle.  I took one look at her and burst out laughing.  Bent over, tears falling, couldn't catch my breath laughing.  It probably wasn't the nicest thing to do but at the time, it sure was funny.  Finally after I could speak, I blurted out the first thing I thought of.  "You look like a frizzball."  For some reason, Danielle's mom had convinced her to get a perm.  Now Danielle's normal straight brown hair was a giant puffball helmet that encircled her head.  Big hair was in style in the 80s, but for on a nine year old chubby kid it just didn't work.  From that day on, Frizzball stuck.  Most of the neighborhood kids started calling her Frizzball.  My Mom even started referring to her as that in casual conversations.  I got so used to calling her that, I'd slip up from time to time and call her house and ask to speak to "Frizzball." Oops.  It was easy because Frizzball went along with being called Frizzball.  Perhaps she looked at it as a term of endearment.  Over time, I guess it was.  We weren't always mean to her and we did include her in a lot of fun things.  

Frizzball and her family eventually moved away.  I'm sure she's has a family of her own somewhere now.  I don't think I ever saw her again.  I wonder if she still perms her hair.

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