Monday, December 01, 2014

Loos-e-anna, not.

A while back we went to Gulf Shores, AL for a long weekend.  We stayed right on the beach in one of those high rise condos.  We had just gotten on the elevator, pushed the button to our floor, and an older couple joined us.  The wind was just awful and was wrecking havoc on the elevators closing properly.  We discussed that a bit, then the husband asked us "Where are you all from?"  I said Louisiana.  Actually I said "La-weez-e-ana."  He eyed me up and down as if I had a crawfish on my head.  I added, "right outside of New Orleans, about an hour away," thinking he must be wondering where because he looked so confused.

He gave me a blank look said, "We always called it "Loose-e-ana"

I chuckled a bit.  And it was my turn to eye him up and down.  I told him, "That is how we can tell when someone isn't from La-weez-e-anna."

As my girls and I exited the elevator, he mumbled "I stand corrected."

Yes you do, sir.  Yes you do.

Hello Holidailies 2014!!  I believe this is my sixth year participating.  I am from Louisiana.  That is... La-weez-e-ana.  Not Loose-e-ana.

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  1. I'm from Texas and I say La-weez-e-ana. And Nawlins?

  2. I say Loo-ease-e-anna. :) And after seeing the Gulf Coast featured on one of those HGTV shows this past weekend, think I need to get back there sometime, as I've only seen a bit of New Orleans and that was years ago.

  3. I'm from everywhere, and I also say La-weez-e-ana. Then again, I have relatives there.

    However, after a decade in Texas, I still don't pronounce 'Texas' the way the locals do, which is more like "Texes" or "Tex's"

    Happy Holidailies.

  4. I'm from Malaysia and I used to say Lou-wieziana! Now I know!