Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!

Last night we had our little party with tons of food and opened our gifts under the tree....

Lots of excitement and so fun!  They loved everything, even the new bed sheets!  Veronica fought sleep for hours.  She kept getting up and getting up and saying she was scared!  Oh my... long night.  Finally about 2:15 am, Santa passed!!!  And guess who was out of bed at 3am...  lol   I coaxed her back to bed.  Then Valerie was up before 5am.  I think a nap is in our future today!

They must have been really good girls this year.  New bookcases??  An iPad?  A laptop?  AND all kinds of other stuff...   Thanks Santa!!

Mommy must have also been good because she got a nice camera upgrade -  A newer model Canon Rebel with a ton of accessories!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!   What did Santa leave under your tree?

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