Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Never Ending Birthday Parties

This week is all about the party.  My nine year old is about to turn ten.  TEN? When did that happen?  More on that later. We host a lot of parties.  I dolefully admit, I sometimes cringe when we get invited to one.  I wonder if other parents feel the same?  Having school age kids brings a slew of birthday party invitations from kids you don't know.  Honestly, if I have not met the child or their parents, we generally do not go.  That seems to be the case regarding guests that show up when we are throwing the party.  I realize birthdays are a big deal and you want your child to have a memorable day.  What I don't understand are these all day parties.  Not to be rude, but not everyone can stay all day at a party for someone they barely know.

We all have heard the general rule is you do not leave until after the cake is served and the gifts are opened.  What if they never seem to get to that part??  We recently went to a birthday party for a child that my daughters know well.  The party started at 11am, and we arrived a few minutes before that.

Nothing was ready.

The cake wasn't there yet.  No food was cooked.  The Mom was in the process of dumping a bag of frozen meatballs in the crockpot.  About 1:00pm, the burgers and hot dogs were ready and we had lunch.  There were no chairs or tables to sit at, so we sat on the floor.  The ice for drinks was on one side of the room, while the cups and two liters of Coke were on the other side.  The plates were on one side of the counter, the forks across the room.  Awkward set up.  After we ate, we waited and waited.  Finally, after being there for nearly four hours, we left.  They hadn't cut the cake, sang happy birthday, or opened gifts.  My girls were upset because they didn't get any of the birthday cake.  After four hours, I was done.  I had things to do.  Dragging a nine year old's birthday party out for more than four hours is absurd.

I think we throw a pretty good party. We have had all day parties, BUT I make sure to get the main event stuff done with in two hours tops.  If you'd like to stay for five hours, that's fine.  If not, you aren't trapped here because of the the leave-after-cake rule.

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  1. That must have really sucked! Not fair to the guests.

  2. We attended a show last night - my boyfriend is a metal head - and I was totally impressed with how security handled the large crowd present.