Monday, December 08, 2014

Party Day!

Yesterday we celebrated my nine year old turning ten.  She won't officially be ten until December 21, but it's impossible to have a birthday party so close to Christmas.  We've been celebrating with friends the first weekend in December every year instead.  Valerie wanted an ice cream party this year to go along with her "Frozen" theme.  Yes, we have fallen onto that bandwagon and can't seem to get off!  I rented a bounce house for the day and we had a house full of shrieking little girls.  Fun times.

Here's the Frozen Elsa and Anna cake that I made for her.  I bought the edible image on eBay because that is the easiest kind of cake to make!  I free handed some royal icing snow flakes.  I made a bunch because I figured they would break easily (they did.)  Inside was yellow cake, half strawberry filling and half chocolate filling.

We had an ice cream topping buffet set up. I had waffle cone bowls, ice cream cones, magic shell, lots of candy, and whipped topping, too.  I made name tags for all of the different options.  It was a huge hit!  

Valerie was all smiles all day long!  She had a great party.  Best of all she finally got something she has pined over for months -- Minecraft for the X-Box!  Today I'm trying to undo the party mess little by little.

Here's a few more pictures.  Thanks to all who came to celebrate with Valerie!!


  1. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Happy birthday to Valerie!

  2. Happy Birthday to Valerie! Love the pics.