Friday, December 12, 2014

Popular old shoes and pink casts

Old shoes and pink arm casts are an odd combination.  For some reason, the two most popular posts on this blog are the pictures of old shoes and pink casts.  It seems searching Google images for these two things lead people to stumble upon my blog daily.  Literally hundreds of people have come here and downloaded the old shoes and pink cast pics.  

Long ago, I wrote a post about my Dad's old shoes.  He wore these beat up old tie dress shoes all the time.  Holes in the toe and patched up shoe strings.  There seems to be a slew of people looking for pictures of old, dirty shoes just like what my Dad wore.  Who knew old shoes would be such a popular thing??

Both of my girls suffered a broken arm at age seven.  Quite the coincidence.  Valerie's pink arm cast is also a popular find on my blog.   Veronica's pink cast and removable cast is a close running for second.  I never knew broken arms would be so popular.

Of course, I aim to please so I am left with no other choice.  In order to keep my readers happy, I must do a courtesy post and combine the two. Ha.

So - to everyone searching for old shoes and pink arm casts -- you are welcome!  To everyone else, enjoy a little weirdness.

PS:  In case you are wondering (probably not) the next most popular post is ... by no surprise...  Anna and Elsa Frozen birthday cakes.

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