Sunday, December 28, 2014

Santa on the Fire Truck!!

Every year, usually the Saturday before Christmas, Santa passes on the fire truck!!  We can usually hear the sirens long before he gets to us.  My girls will camp out in the driveway waiting and waiting.  One year he threw them battery powered toothbrushes!!  Normally it's just junk candy, which was the case this year.  Veronica left it in the driveway because 'the ants need to eat too.'  It's still fun though because it's one of the things that makes living in a small community special.

Yesterday we un-Christmased the house.  It makes me a little sad that Christmas has come and gone so quickly.  I keep thinking that when we see all of this stuff again, my girls will be a year older.  It didn't help that Valerie cried as her Dad took apart the tree. This was most likely the last Santa year for Valerie.  She will be eleven next December and I just can't see her believing beyond that.  I hope she doesn't tell her sister.  I always think of grand plans for the holidays but I never seem to find time do it all.  That leaves me to wonder if I did enough with my girls.  Will they even remember any of it?

Today I will work on putting the house back in order.  As much as I love putting up my Christmas decorations, the clutter starts to bother me after a while.   It feels so nice to come home to a neat, clean, clutter-free house.  Who am I kidding?  It's me we are talking about.  I'm not the best housekeeper and with the kids, it's a never ending battle.

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