Saturday, December 20, 2014

The door is locked

Suppose you are at someone's house for a party or other event with lots of people.  If it's a child's party, expect lots of little ones running around.  Perhaps you are in some small mom and pop restaurant or in some other public place.

You, your kids, or someone else's kid who has adopted you for the day has to "go."  You locate the restroom, but when you get there the door is closed.  You turn the knob and uh-oh, it is locked.  What do you do?  What does that mean?

A)  You BANG BANG BANG on the door as hard as you can.

B)  You BANG BANG BANG on the door as hard as you can, rattle the knob, BANG a few more times, rattle the knob some more to see if it is still locked, keep trying to open the door, and repeat all of the above until a muffled voice from inside says "There is someone in here!!"

C)  Use your common sense to realize that a locked door means the facilities are occupied, so you wait your turn because whoever is in there will eventually finish doing what we all do in the restroom and will come out in a minute or two.

Seriously, I have to wonder about people sometimes.  We were at a child's party and I took both my girls into the hall bathroom and of course we locked the door.  We had only been in there about 30 seconds, when someone started BANGING and RATTLING the knob like they were escaping from a fire.  Sheesh, the door is closed and locked with a house full of guests- what ever could that mean!?!  I had to yell "someone is in here!!" and only then did they stop.  When we opened the door, to my surprise there was a grown man, probably forty-or fifty-something years old waiting. He sheepishly smiled at me as I glared.  If it had been a kid, I might have understood.  How can you not know what a closed and locked bathroom door means??  Yes, I know you have to "go" but so do we and we got here first and we will be out in just a minute!!  This has happened at places like Waffle House, where there is a bathroom and not stalls.  This has happened at friends' houses.  It's like people have no clue what a locked restroom door means.

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  1. Maybe you need to carry an "OCCUPIED" sign in your handbag and hang it outside the door whenever you have to go. LOL!