Saturday, December 06, 2014

The kind of friends we are destined to have.....

For years, my Mom exchanged handwritten letters with a childhood friend, Carolyn.  They had attended Sacred Heart Academy in Morgan City, LA together and were lifelong friends.  I heard several times how they both were the tallest girls in their class and wore the same size clothes.  As life got in the way, after high school graduation they went their separate ways.  I don't know the details as my Mom never talked about it.  I do know that for as long as I can remember, my Mom and Carolyn wrote to each other.  Sometimes it was often and sometimes there would be huge gaps of no letters.  I don't know how or when this got started, but I remember being very young and checking the mail to find a letter from this lady Carolyn addressed to my Mom.

My Mom, being my Mom, often typed her letters and back in the day used carbon paper to keep a copy.  As we caught up with technology and purchased a computer, she began printing two copies of her letters - one to mail, and one to keep so she would remember what she said!  I'd often find them laying around and I did what anyone would do.  I read them.

Countless times my Mom would ask Carolyn about calling her when she came to town or asking about getting together for lunch.  To me, this mysterious Carolyn lived a million miles away.  The reality was she lived less than a two hour drive away.  Carolyn also visited Morgan City often.  Very often.  My Mom threw this out there when she was in a bad mood one day.  "Mrs. Carolyn visits her sister in Lakeside all the time. But notice that I never hear from her when she's in town."  Lakeside was literally less than five minutes away from our house.  This came as a shock to me, as I always thought this was some far off friend.

For thirty years (or more) my Mom wrote letters to this lady.  For thirty years, my Mom asked her every so often about getting together.  This lady always turned her down or ignored her request completely.  I seem to think there may have been a phone call or two.  My Mom did eventually see her at their 50 year class reunion.  The lunch... the visit... even though this lady came to Morgan City on a regular basis, never did happen.  When my Mom got sick and we knew the end was nearing, I thought we should let Carolyn know.  I'd asked my Mom if she wanted me to contact Carolyn, and my Mom snapped back, "Don't bother!!  She'll read about it in the paper!!" And I understood completely.

I decided to do the right thing and did what my Mom had done all those years; I wrote Carolyn a letter telling her of my Mom's illness.  Knowing that my Mom's time was limited, she wrote back that she would love to come visit and see my Mom.  BUT she didn't know.... she was just so busy.... and when she came to town there never seemed to be enough time.  For once, she was right.  There wasn't enough time because time ran out for my Mom.

When did I finally meet this mysterious Carolyn?

At my Mom's funeral.  How odd that she found the time to visit her in death, but never had the time to come see her while she was alive.

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  1. I wonder why too. I am sure she was full of regrets.