Monday, January 26, 2015

#fmfpartysnailmail My first card!

I got my first card today as part of the #fmfpartysnailmail card exchange!  I will be sharing my cards for the next seven weeks ~ enjoy!

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Two months plus some post TT

It's two months plus a few weeks post total thyroidectomy.  I've lost count.

My scar is still fairly red and visible.  I know I'm a slow healer since a red mosquito bite will linger for weeks if not months.  I've been putting Mederma on my TT scar every day mainly for the sunscreen.  At night I put either vitamin E oil or Bio Oil.  It's fading, just very slowly.

I can't wait to feel better.  I feel pretty awful.  It's only been eight days since I switched meds.  I've always heard it takes six weeks to adjust.  I'm not sure if that applies to me since dropping to 137 from 150 isn't that big of a jump.  Is it really going take six weeks for a 13 mcg change?  That seems like a long time.  I think I have felt slightly worse this past week, so I don't know if that is an adjustment issue or what.  My head just feels so bad.  I feel like I am swimming through mud pretty much all the time.  Can't think clearly or focus with out making serious effort.  A few times I felt so tired I couldn't move.  I have all these ideas about things I want to do, but can't seem to get through the muddy feeling to actually do them.  Weird dreams.  Technically I am okay but "not okay."  I'm just holding on to the hope that things will level out on this new Synthroid dose and I'll feel better, not worse.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Two months post Total Thyroidectomy

Today is exactly two months since my TT. My scar is still very red but fading. I finally saw my endo on Friday for labs.  There's so much confusing stuff out there and from what I gather, he didn't check the right levels.  He did TSH, T4, and T3.  He should have done Free T4 and Free T3,  I don't feel horrible but I don't feel great either.  Dizziness.  Unfocused.  Shaky at times.  Weird.  Usually I can ignore it and go about my routine.  I walked out of Zumba Monday because I couldn't stop thinking about going home to lie down.  Sometimes I feel very, very off but it goes away if I rest for a bit. Anyway, the verdict is to lower my Synthroid from 150mcg to 137mcg to 'see if I feel better.'   Here we go with the trial and error. There's a new endo in town, so if I still feel bad in a few weeks, I'm going to make an appointment to see him.

Here are my labs for the last year for comparison:

TSH 0.04, T4 12.3

TSH 0.03 T4 10.07

1-9-15 (8 wks post TT) 
TSH 0.03, T4 11.5, T3 89   --  quite a few people have said these mean nothing since it isn't the "free" tests. 
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Thursday, January 01, 2015

The End is The Beginning

Today is The End of Holidailies 2014 and the beginning of 2015!  We had a grand time last night.  Clint picked up some firewood and kept a fire going just about all night.  It was pretty cold and damp, but the fire helped a lot.  I kept tossing blankets into the dryer and swapping them out to have a warm blanket to cover with!!  We roasted hot dogs, marshmallows, and made s'mores.  We had a nice stash of fireworks, but it was nothing compared to some of the neighbors.  Wow - they put on a show for hours!  We usually stick with smaller stuff. I posted the big finale here last night.  It's neat to sit in your driveway and be surrounded by fireworks.

Holidailies2014 has been fun and I enjoyed reading along.  The month flew by.  Hope to "read" you all again next year for Holidailies 2015!!

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I got that boom boom...

Midnight in Bayou Blue, Louisiana!  Happy 2015 y'all!

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