Saturday, February 14, 2015

12 Days of Valentines

Twelve years ago today we said "I DO!"   It's hard to believe it's been that long already.  How our lives have changed over the years.  Happy Valentine's Anniversary to us!  We had a nice day together.  Clint surprised me with jewelry, candy, and flowers!  I have the best Valentine.

Since it's our 12th anniversary, I had the idea to do "12 days of Valentines."  That didn't quite work out because Clint was at work on some of what would have been the first days.  I decided to do a week of Valentines instead.

Day 1, Saturday.  I bought a butane lighter (we never can find one or they do not work) and put a cute tag on it that said "Come on baby,  light my fire!"  I placed it next to Clint's side of the bed, leaning against his lamp.  The entire day passed, and either he didn't see it or just ignored it.  Bed time came, he turned on his lamp and never said a word.  I went to sleep.  At some point, he either saw it or moved it out of the way.

Day 2, Sunday.  I put a small bag of Andes Mints on his dresser with a tag that said "We were MINT to be!."  We were getting ready to leave for the parade, and Clint came walking down the hall singing "Come on baby light my fire" and "You were meant for me..."

Day 3:  Monday.  I decided to cook something I rarely ever cook because the kids do not eat it and I have to cook something else for them - stuffed bell peppers.  I made double dipped chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.  Clint does not get home until very late, usually long after we have had dinner.  I made sure to put the strawberries out so he'd see the surprise.

Day 4:  Tuesday.  I crept outside in the middle of the night and decorated the inside of Clint's work truck.  I put some hearts with Valentine sayings on them and a small velvet rose on the driver's side seat.

Day 5:  Wednesday.  I left a pretty heart shaped box on Clint's side of the bathroom vanity.  It was right in the front so there was no missing it.  Inside were stainless steel "G" cuff links.  He got ready for work and did his usual routine in the bathroom.  I was in there too and saw him glance in the box's direction.  He got dressed and left never touching the box.   Later that night, I was laying in bed with my eyes closed half asleep and I hear "Thank you baby for the cuff links!"

Day 6:  Thursday.  I got up during the night and put a small picture collage of us over the years on the kitchen cabinets over the coffee pot.  There's no way to miss it there!   I put a note in that said, "I still do!"  When I got up, Clint said, "I still do too."

Day 7:  Friday.  I left a second surprise Valentine's box next to the coffee pot, again where he couldn't miss it!  Clint's the one who usually gets up and makes the coffee.  Inside was a silk tie and a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar tie tack,

Day 8: Saturday.  Valentine's Day!!  Anniversary Day!!  We exchanged gifts with one another in the morning.  Today's gift bag had some candy and a few little things Veronica picked out.  A few years ago I had given Clint a back up wedding band to have something different to wear.  Somehow it disappeared, so I replaced it with a black Tungsten Carbide satin finish black wedding band.  We went out for lunch to avoid the mad rush tonight.  Traffic was crazy --  Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, and President's Day weekend all rolled into one makes for people everywhere!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!

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  1. So glad you had such a great Valentine's Day.