Monday, February 09, 2015


It was a fun weekend but the aftermath....  a complete disaster.  A fun disaster, though.

Welcome to Carnival Time!!  The time of parades, king cake, and more parades are upon us.  Most out of towners think of Mardi Gras as a drunken, naked party.  Well, it can be if you make it that but it really isn't.  There are lots of family friendly parades around.  Our parades are smaller than New Orleans' but still lots of fun!  We had perfect parade weather over the weekend.  We skipped the local Friday night parade because it is usually over the top and the riders throw too hard.  You don't really understand what that means until you are whopped upside the head with a gallon ziploc bag stuffed with beads.  It's like getting reamed with a bowling ball.  Saturday night we met up with friends for the night parade.  Great fun!  Sunday morning Clint got up extra early and parked his truck along the parade route.  The same friends met us for two back to back parades.  It was a gorgeous spring like day to be outside and the kids had a blast.  We brought along small laundry baskets for our throws and they worked out so well.  It's much easier to just hold up a basket for the riders to toss stuff in.  Many of them see it as a challenge and will practice their aim!  I think I may paint a bullseye on the bottom for next time!!  We got quite a haul for only two parades.  There are five more next weekend.  I doubt we'll make them all, but more parading is definitely on the agenda.

Have you ever been to Mardi Gras?  Would you want to?!

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