Saturday, March 14, 2015

Birthday girl!!

So, I'm a little late in posting this.

Somewhere along the way of life I either blinked or dozed off.  With out me realizing it, eight years have passed.  How can my baby girl be eight?!?  Wow.  She went from an itty bitty baby who cried all the time to this:

Happy Birthday, Veronica!!

We celebrated with a party at our house last weekend.  The usual - a bounce house, a pinata, lots of food, and Clint setup a karaoke stage.  Of course the party included a cake made by me!  Veronica requested a My Little Pony Rainbow cake.   It wasn't hard at all.  I made all the fondant decorations a few weeks in advance.  The day before her party was baking day, and I put it all together the morning of the party.  My icing wouldn't smooth out no matter what I tried... it just cracked and wrinkled!  Eventually I gave up, so it isn't as perfect as I would have liked.   It must have been yummy though because there was only a small bit left!

My Little Pony Rainbow Cake

Fondant rainbow and flowers

what was left!

It was pretty much an all day party, so Veronica had a great day with her friends.  Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate her special day!

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