Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A blast from the past.....

An old friend in-boxed me on Facebook that he was going to be in town for a few days.  "No way!" I said, which was an inside joke from years past...   Wayne was never really an official boyfriend.  We met out a few times, went on a few dates, and we talked on the phone a lot.  Literally days after we met, he got a job offer back home in Miami.  A little over a month after we met, he moved away.  I was sad. He promised it wasn't goodbye.  It was 'see you later.'  He made good on that promise as he came back to Louisiana for a few weddings and took me as his date.  Time went by, and he called often.  Just that made him special.  I wrote him silly letters and filled him in on the latest around Morgan City.  I'd send him a King Cake at Mardi Gras and he'd send me roses on Valentine's Day.  One phone conversation led to Wayne coming up with the idea to meet in Orlando and go to Disney World.  I bought a plane ticket; he took care of the rest.  A few years went by and he'd still call to check in.  I graduated from vo-tech, got a real job, had a few boyfriends come and go... and Wayne would still call from time to time to say hi.  Eventually though, he told me he'd met someone.  The calls grew farther apart.  He'd call and say he was still seeing the same girl and it was pretty serious.  Out of the blue, after a long silence, he called and said he had gotten married two weeks prior.  Humph.  It was all good though, because I had just started dating Clint, and I told Wayne I had met someone and I thought that this was IT.

Our paths crossed a few times via email over the years, and of course we are Facebook friends.  I knew Wayne had moved way up north and had gotten divorced.  It's been about 20 years since that Disney trip.... gosh that makes me feel so old!   Wayne made a special trip here just to meet my family.  Unfortunately, Clint was away for work, so it was just me and the girls.  It was pretty neat catching up with my dear friend....    lots of fun memories from younger, fun days....

wayne-o and mellie mel
Still one of my best friends ever

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Back to school!

As predicted, the summer has just flown by!!  Camp kept my girls busy most of June and July.  They enjoyed it so much that they didn't mind (too much) getting up early!  We did our share of fun stuff:  movies, skating, beach vacation, swimming, lunches, and shopping.  

Now it's back to the school routine. Valerie is off to the big middle school!  Six classes and six different teachers.  She also joined the band and will learn to play the clarinet this year. She has an especially early day though.  Middle school takes in at 7:25, so her bus passes about 6:20am!!  I'm not sure how that is going to work out with her getting up at 5:30am.  That is just way too early for a ten year old.  I can always bring Val since her school is close by, but I have to juggle Veronica's schedule in the mix.  Her bus doesn't come until 7:40, and school starts at 8:15.  Oh well, we shall figure it out as the year progresses!!

Valerie waiting in the dark morning for the bus!
first day of 5th grade

Veronica waiting for the bus
first day of 3rd grade

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