Sunday, September 20, 2015


We always decorate the house inside and out for Halloween.  Usually we put up some outside lights and hang a few decorations.  This year, however, is different.  Very different!!

We'd talked about it for quite some time and every year said 'next year' we'd do it.  Well back in August, Clint purchased a Light-o-Rama controller!   We weren't sure if it would be delivered in time, but it was on our door step a few weeks ago.

What is it you ask?  What does it do??


That's our house right there!

I know it's early, but we couldn't wait to try out the new set up.  Halloween is our trial run so we can be better prepared for Christmas!  We currently have six songs on the playlist, and hopefully we'll have time to add a few more.  Clint did all of the technical stuff.  I did some of the legwork in looking for sequences that we could modify.  Making the pumpkin face with all those mini lights was quite a task.  It isn't quite perfect, but it will do for this year.  Rope lights would definitely be easier.  And we had to buy extension cords galore!!  Now we have everything we need though (I hope) for future use.
I made a Facebook page for us, so please "like" it at Bayou Blue Dancing Lights to see pictures and more videos.

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