Friday, October 16, 2015

Black Dress

Every woman should have that perfect little black dress.  The one you look and feel fabulous in.  The one you can wear anywhere and dress up or down with the right shoes and accessories.

This IS that dress, but it isn't that dress.

Many moons ago in the late 90s, I was in a community choir.  The uniforms were these dreadful 1970s black dresses with ruffles.  Huge ruffles around the neckline and sleeves.  They were so very outdated and I have no idea what took them so long to decide it was time for a change.  The men all wore black tuxedos, so naturally black was the right choice for the ladies.  We flipped through catalogs for weeks.  They eventually chose a formal length black dress with long sleeves, a slight gathering to create poof at the shoulders, and a flattering sweetheart neckline.

When the dresses came in, I remember holding the fabric in my hands thinking this is awfully cheap polyester.  Thin.  Flimsy.  I couldn't quite put my finger on it at the time, but it was familiar.  I don't think anyone was very pleased with what their $70 had bought.  Cheaply made as they were, the group as a whole certainly made for a pretty picture.

My choir days are long over, but that dress still hangs in my closet and has gotten a lot of use.  I finally remembered why the fabric felt so familiar.  It's the same fabric cheap Halloween costumes are made of!!  Yesssss, cheap, silky, black, polyester.

While wearing the choir dress, I have transformed myself into a vampire, a witch several times over, Maleficent, and this year I will turn into Cruella.

How's that for the perfect black dress??

Happy Horrodailies!!

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