Saturday, November 07, 2015

Your Window

I throw rocks at your window 
Every day I toss softly 
Tap tap tap 
My words are tiny pebbles 
Tap tap tap
On your smooth pane of glass
As I patiently wait

The chips left in the glass
You glance out the window briefly
And walk away damage unseen 
As am I

I choose a bigger rock 
Tears fall as I throw harder
Bigger rocks
The glass wavers
Spreading cracks across
The window pane

You glance at the window
As if nothing were amiss 
And silently turn away 
As if I'm not there
Heaving rocks 
Chipping away at our existence

Time gives the stones momentum 
Becoming boulders 
Growing upon each silent day
The burden I carry alone
I cast my rocks unnoticed 
Time takes its toll 

Shattered at my feet lies broken
Shards of glass
There's nothing left to crack
No more rocks to carry
No more stones to throw 
We are Broken beyond repair 

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