Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Crusty butt

It's no secret that Bella is a big girl.  She's always been on the plus size of things, and in spite of being on a diet, she has gotten larger.  On my scale she weighed in at 22 lbs, but on the vet's yesterday, she weighed just over 20.  With this weight issue comes another problem.  When she tries to groom her hindquarters, she just sort of rolls to the side.  Can't reach.  Belly's too big. Just lay here like a slug.

Bella has had a poo issue for a little bit.  It's not diarrhea but it's close.  Her solution to not being able to do her grooming has been to wipe her butt on the floor.  I'll get up some mornings and find a nice streak of brown smear on the tile.  Or the rug.  Or where ever Bella decides is a good place to wipe her big butt!  Gross.  And her butt smells TERRIBLE.  The kids have started calling her 'stinky butt.' We can't stand to have her near us.  I've given her several baths, which is no easy task.  With in a few days, she was back where she started.  Crusty, smelly, butt.

I'd been planning to bring her to the vet for a well visit and ask them about it, but it got put on the back burner.  Yesterday Bella seemed to be in more distress than usual.  She was laying around with her leg propped up.  Each time one of us got near her, she'd hiss and growl.  She had a panicked look in her eyes and would run away from us.  Ok, Ok, I get it..... your butt hurts!!

Clint was home to help lug her tubby butt to the vet.  The doc poked and prodded, which Bella DID NOT LIKE ONE BIT.  He seemed perplexed as well.  Maybe it's parasites, which they are checking for.  Could be intestinal issues or infection.  OR it could very well be just that she's too fat and needs to drop some pounds to take care of her cat business.  They cleaned her up and sent me home with some meds to try.  Oh and also, she needs to be on a diet. A prescription cat food diet, but we aren't going that route just yet.

I'm sure you all are just fascinated by my cat butt adventure.  Hopefully stinky crusty butt is on the mend now.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I have lost my mind

Somebody please check on me Thursday morning to see if I have survived.

Somehow, I was convinced of having a sleepover to celebrate Valerie's birthday.  It's tomorrow night.  The plan is to have a party first with pizza and a fireworks show, then an optional sleepover to follow. Valerie handed out invitations left and right.  I was thinking that these people hardly know us and there's no way any mom would allow her child to spend the night with strangers.  Wrong.  Little did I know that nearly everyone invited would partake in the sleeping over also.  I'm going to have eleven little girls here for the night -- gah!!   Most of them I know are well behaved, but there are a few that I am concerned about.  It's supposed to RAIN most of the day tomorrow, but we hopeful for a short break in the weather to pop fireworks.  If not -- I don't have a back up plan.

I'm sure it'll be fun but wish me luck anyway!!

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Clearance Day!

Today is my most favorite day of the year!!!  It's CLEARANCE day!!  Oh, the things you can find for half price today.  As usual, I was at Wal-mart just after the doors opened at 6am.   Just like the other scavengers, I grabbed a buggy and headed straight to the garden center.  Everything Christmas had neatly been relocated to the gigantic clearance section. Pickings were slim this year which was a disappointment.  Usually I stock up on bath items and hair care.  This year, there seemed to be more perfume than anything.  I did score some men's Old Spice 3 piece gift sets for under $5.   I found $2.88 Colgate Spin Toothbrush sets for Veronica.  I picked up some lip gloss and perfume for me.  I came home and Clint headed out.  He picked up lights galore to add to our dancing lights display for next year.

I packed up almost all of the inside decorations.  We were working on the tree and decided we'd run to Target to see what was there.  I'm glad we did because Target had "stuff" galore!  We picked up some more outside decorations and lights.  I think we are set for Christmas 2016 as far as decorations go!

Now we have to figure out where to store it all.....

Tomorrow we'll finish putting away the tree and I hope to deep clean my living room.  It's been a while and I want to put my new Dyson to the test!!
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Friday, December 25, 2015

Mary Christmas

WHO is Mary Christmas?  I keep seeing her name all over Facebook today so whoever she is, she must be very popular.....   (sarcasm) 

Seriously, I have seen that no less than ten times today.  How can people not know how to spell MERRY?  (and no, you can't always blame auto correct!)

Anyway, I'm just playing catch up for Holidailies so here's a picture post from last night and this morning!  

our visitor caught on camera!

opening gifts last night

the disaster

Santa's pile of stuff 

Veronica was up first. If she slept at all....

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Christmas re-cap

Christmas Eve we had our usual party food, but not until after a fight about a sandwich tray.  We usually have 'wedding sandwiches' as the kids call them.  Chicken salad sandwiches cut in triangles.  Veronica spied variety sandwich trays at the grocery store and asked if we could get one for Christmas Eve.  I told Clint it was up to him.  If he wanted just chicken salad, we could do that ourselves.  Or if he wanted a tray, we could get one.  For some unknown reason, he ordered a sandwich tray with just chicken salad on it.  He paid $13 for five chicken salad sandwiches instead of the regular tray with the chicken salad, ham, turkey, and roast beef sandwiches.    He says I told him to do that -- ?????   On what planet, I do not know.

We ended up making a quick trip to the corner store to buy some sliced turkey and making a few sandwiches because Valerie doesn't eat chicken salad anyway, hence part of the reasoning behind getting a sandwich tray in the first place.

After that was somewhat resolved, we had our usual party fare dinner.  We cleaned up a bit and it was on to the presents!!  Santa usually brings the good stuff, so the wrapped gifts under the tree were small.

It may sound petty, but it does send a pang of being unappreciated when you, the Mom, spends months planning and put so much effort into searching for gifts for your family and nothing is done for you.  I started back in September and spent hours looking online and running around town and spent all of my "free" Kohl's cash on my family.  Nobody went shopping for me.  I bought myself a Dyson and some new night shirts.  Valerie gave me a ceramic pony she painted at a sleepover at a friend's house last summer.  Veronica bought me a "Mom" ring (with money I gave her) from the junk for sale at school,  It's huge and I'll never wear it.  Clint got me a waffle maker, which I did ask for.  My square Belgium waffle is in pretty bad shape, so I said I could use a new one.  He got me a round waffle maker from Amazon.  It's a nice one and I know, I know. It's not about that. I don't really need the stuff, but it's just the idea.  I spent so much time on everyone else and no one spent any time on me.  It still stings a bit and makes you feel forgotten when you make sure everyone else has surprises to open and you don't.....

We cleaned up the mess a bit and sent the girls to bed.  Sort of.  Veronica was so nervous that she couldn't sleep.  I checked in on her and she seemed to be out, so I started getting the candy ready for the stockings.  I turned holding Reeses' trees and Hershey bars - and there she was.  OOPS.  I hurried and put the candy down behind me and ushered her in the opposite direction.  Clint ended up laying with her while I moved everything from the secret location in the garage to the utility room.  We waited a bit, then Clint kept watch while I moved everything as fast as I could to under the tree.  I didn't even set it up neatly - just put everything in a pile!

NOT FIVE MINUTES later, Veronica sneaks out of her room.  We were sitting in bed, so we pretended to be asleep when she excitedly came in to tell us Santa had passed!!!  Veronica was up for a while after that, then Valerie got up.  I gave up and told them they could look but to NOT open anything until morning!!!   I have no clue how long they stayed up, but I do know Veronica was up at 4:30am whispering Merry Christmas and trying to have a conversation about the stuff under the tree....    Oh boy.

Thankfully, it was after 8am before they were up again for good!!

just before midnight

she couldn't sleep

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Merry Christmas!!!

From all of us to you.... wishing you a blessed Christmas!

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve!!

Remembering Christmases past....

Dad's last Christmas with us, 2010

Mom's last Christmas with us, 2007

Christmas changes a lot once your family is gone, especially when you have young children.  It's the four of us every day, so how to make Christmas feel different?  Their friends are all visiting grandma and have aunts, uncles, and cousins. My girls have no clue what it's like to have extended family to visit.  Valerie and Veronica don't seem to mind much, but then they do not know any different.  They don't remember much of my Mom at all, and the few years we had with my Dad, he came to our house.

It's 80 degrees today and so humid.  It's just YUCK outside with dampness.  It still doesn't feel much like Christmas.  Yesterday I played Christmas music on Pandora all day.  We made Oreo balls and decorated cookies for Santa.  Both kids are pretty wired today and can't wait for tonight.  We'll have our usual "party food" and open gifts.  And of course, SANTA passes tonight as well.  Ready or not, Christmas is here!!

Tomorrow, we ordered a ham dinner from a local grocery store.  We usually get a turkey dinner, but this year we decided to give the ham a try.  There's no point in spending hours in the kitchen for just the four of us.  Other than a nice dinner, we'll probably sit around all day while the kids play with their new stuff.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gizzie Gizmo aka Bing Bong

We adopted Gizmo from the shelter this past July.  I had been searching for a particular kind of kitten, and when his pic popped up on Facebook, he was too cute to pass up.  I had to go through some red tape to get approved to adopt him though.  Bella had up-to-date vet records, but my old girl SassyCat did not.  In all honesty, she is 14 and very scared of everything, so bringing her to the vet wasn't ideal.  I did it though because I really wanted this kitty.

He was tiny, barely 6 weeks old.  Smart as can be right from the start, too.  The kids had just watched the movie "Inside Out" and wanted to name him Bing Bong.  Um no!  We finally decided on Gizmo, but he still gets called Bing Bong from time to time.

Gizzie's antics have been quite entertaining.  He certainly is a busy body and needs to be in the middle of whatever I am doing.  He comes with me to brush my teeth.  He sits at my feet while I'm cooking.  He watches me when I wash clothes.

Gizmo does some odd things, as most cats do.  He keeps putting his toys in the water bowl.  (???)

I had forgotten how vocal Siamese cats can be.  I had forgotten what great climbers Siamese cats are.

Uhhhhh. No clue.

I knew he was smart.  Gizzie taught me a new game.  Unfortunately it's usually 2am when he decides it's time to play.  Thankfully today it was after 8am.

He had a squishy ball he liked best, but it seems to be lost.  He moved on to a Barbie purse.  The funny thing is, after I tossed it a few times, he disappeared with it for a bit.  He brought it back. soaking. wet.  He had dunked it in the water bowl, then brought it back to play.  HA!

I love my handsome baby boy.

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Eve of Christmas Eve!

It sure does not feel like Christmas.  It's going to be 80 degrees the next few days.  And humid, oh so humid, which makes my head feel funny.  The walkway to my front door stays wet it's so damp out.  Even though we did lots of Christmasy stuff in December, I just don't feel it.  We've been listening to Christmas music and have decorations up galore.  We took the girls to quite a few holiday themed events, rode around looking at lights, and even did some baking.  I even tried watching a few Hallmark Christmas movies, which I usually love to do, and that didn't put me in the spirit either.

It still doesn't feel like Christmas and I hate it.  I feel like I'm missing out on something.  I know both of my girls are super excited, so they may not even notice.  Some cool weather would definitely help, but I have no control over that.  Shorts and tank tops for Christmas it is!!

Today we're going to do some more baking.  The kids want to make cookies for Santa and I can't say no.....

Here's a picture of my tree before Gizmo had a go at it.  The bottom branches are ornament free now with the ribbon dragging the floor.  The little booger even chewed opened some of the presents!!!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Card Exchange!!

Christmas cards are becoming a thing of the past.  Being from a small family, we never really did send or receive a ton of cards.  I used to penpal and would buy fancy cards to send out every year.  I got many greetings in the mail and it was just so fun to display them around the house.  After we married, I was excited to send out our first cards as a couple.  When Val and Roni were small, we made sure to send everyone and I mean everyone a photo card to show them off!  Over the years though, the card list dwindled.  Most of the cards were never acknowledged and most didn't reciprocate.  I heard "Oh I ran out of cards so I couldn't send you one, " many times.  I guess we were on the "B" card list or something.

This year though, I decided to try something different.  When we emptied my Mom and Dad's house, I kept the stash of greeting cards.  My Mom was in charge of sending get well and sympathy cards to members of her prayer group, so she had a ton of those.  She had even more Christmas cards.  I searched on Facebook for card exchange groups and found several!  Sign me up!!

Almost every day since Thanksgiving, my mailbox has been full of cards!  The kids have enjoyed seeing just how far away all the cards have traveled here from.  I got several from Canada, Malaysia, Finland, and as far away as Japan!  At the last count, we had received well over 100 cards.  I'm running out of places to hang them....

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Her 11th birthday

Valerie had a great birthday yesterday!  She will be having a party next week.  It's awfully hard to have a birthday party in the middle of the holidays.  This year, she decided on a December 30 Eve of New Year's Eve fireworks party.  We are allowed to pop fireworks here, so weather permitting, Clint will put on a fireworks show and the girls who are allowed can sleep over.

Anyway, our original plan yesterday was to go to the indoor Christmas Fest in New Orleans.  The weather was looking pretty grim though, so we decided it wasn't the best day to walk around or drive in the rain.  Instead, Val decided to go to Party Pad, an indoor inflatable party place.  We got there about an hour after it opened and had the entire place to ourselves!!  It was a long while before anyone else showed up.  After that, we went to the movies to see "The Good Dinosaur."  From there, we went out to dinner at Val's favorite Mexican restaurant.  The servers sang happy birthday to her and she got a free dessert.  Once we were home, I had made her some red velvet cupcakes so we sang happy birthday again!  We had a very busy but fun filled family day!

Val has been asking for a phone for a while now.  I know plenty of kids her age have phones, but eleven seems too young.  Besides, she isn't much of a phone person.  She's more than welcome to use the house phone or my phone to call her friends, but she doesn't want to.   Val has had a 4th generation iPod Touch for a few years now and it's gotten to the point that it can't be updated anymore.  A lot of her games and apps won't work.  She facetimes and texts a few friends on the iPod. Instead of the iPhone she's clamoring for, I got her a 5th generation iPod Touch.  I wrapped it and wrapped it again, and put it in various size boxes to throw her off!

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