Monday, December 07, 2015

A Mom's Christmas

Christmas changes a lot once you're a mom.  It's not really something you think about until it happens.  I know now my Mom did all the work at Christmas time.  My Dad didn't help her shop or put up decorations.  She did all the Santa work and all the wrapping.  She did all the cooking and candy making.  My Dad would go to Wal-mart on December 24 and come home with whatever odds and ends he could find to use as 'gifts.'  The end.  Mom did it all.

I won't lie - Christmas is work.  It's not just a day of work, but a month long preparation.  Actually longer because I start thinking about Christmas in September.  I'm not complaining one bit because it's my favorite time of year.  I love making the holidays feel magical for my daughters.  I will do everything I can to keep the magic going as long as I can!!  I'm sure the moms out there can relate though.  It's exhausting. I have this on going list in my head of things I need to do before school lets out for Christmas break.

shop. not just for our children but for everyone else
not just regular shopping, but bargain shopping.  gotta find a good deal on whatever the hottest toy is
black Friday - needs no explanation
decorate the tree
decorate the house
keep the cat out of the tree
wrap all the presents even though gift bags are easier but because it's Christmas and that requires wrapping paper
search for the perfect teacher gift that isn't a coffee mug
bake the cookies, make the fudge and pralines
make snow man pancakes for breakfast at least once
keep up with the class parties and sending treats to school. how many kids are in each class?  dancing classes too? i need 47 individually wrapped treats?? wha?
take the kids to see Santa
take the girls separately to the mall to shop for each other
can't leave out the cats. must get cats gifts
At 2am you think to yourself I forgot the bus driver
we must ride around the block 10 times a week to see the neighbors' lights
hide all the presents that are from Santa and hope that the kids don't find them.  even if it's a trampoline
remember to move the elf before the kids wake up every day even if it means getting up at 2am to shove it in a new corner
cram in all the crafts, Christmas music, and every holiday themed event because the kids are growing up and one day they'll be grown and you don't want to miss out on anything
i forgot to move the damn elf
somewhere along the way Mom buys herself a Dyson vacuum because she has decided a vacuum is the most perfect Christmas gift ever

AND THEN before you know it, Christmas Eve is here.  You have excited kids that can't sleep because SANTA is coming.  So you're up all night waiting until that perfect moment and with every step you panic that they will creep out of bed and catch you in the act.  Then Christmas Day everyone is up at dawn bursting with excitement and it's all over so fast and you wish you could freeze time and keep your babies little a while longer and soak in the special moments of wonder you see in their eyes.

Once it's over, you can't wait to do it all again next year.

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  1. And the sad thing is that after some years, they grow up and move away. Our children will be in Jamaica with their spouses this Christmas, our in-laws in Hawaii, and us with the 96 year old with dementia who may or may not remember it is Christmas. I'd love to have the business of a Christmas with children again.

  2. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for me too.