Sunday, December 13, 2015

Busy Christmas Fun

I missed a few days - oops!  But, we have been busy, busy...

Yesterday we spent the entire day going from place to place.

Our Chic-fil-a had breakfast with Santa Cow yesterday morning.  We used to go to CFLA quite often, but they made me rather angry on Cow Appreciation Day years ago, so we don't go much anymore.  Valerie and Veronica wanted to go for the breakfast event, so we did.  The place was packed.  They took pictures, did some crafts, and decorated cookies.  They had a great time!

We left CFLA, and made a quick pass by the dry cleaners to drop off and pick up Clint's work clothes.  Then we headed to the mall for Santa Land.  Every Saturday, our mall has a free activity for the kids.  It was decorating a cookie this week, and of course they girls didn't want to miss it.  There's also a station to write a letter to Santa, another station with games, and another set up like a mini theater showing Christmas movies.  We saw a few people we know and ended up spending a good while just walking around the mall.

We came home for a bit to grab lunch, then headed out once again to the nearby recreation center.  Every Christmas and Easter, they put on a free event for kids 12 and under.  For Christmas, you get a free photo with Santa, a stocking of candy, and each child gets to pick out a toy.  There's always a ton of people because who doesn't like free stuff?!  They also give out door prizes and the big giveaway is bicycles.  They give out 8 bicycles broken down by age groups.  Guess who won the 11-12 year old girls' bike??

I figured Valerie had a pretty good chance because there aren't very many older kids that go to these things.  It's funny because the first ticket they pulled was number "4098" and that person had already left.  They pulled again, and it was our ticket "4089!"  Same numbers, just reversed!!  The bike is even Val's favorite color, so it was meant for her.  The sad part is -- VALERIE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE!!   Yes, I shamefully admit my almost 11 year old daughter has never learned to ride.  She has had three bicycles over the years and has had very little interest in learning.  I even tried bribing her with $100 for when she learns and still it was a no-go.  I can only hope that I can convince her to try by saying it's a sign that she should learn now because won this bike.

After that exciting afternoon, we came home to rest a bit.  Then we went back to the mall for the Houma Community Band concert.  With Valerie being in the band and learning clarinet, I thought she would enjoy listening.  We grabbed a quick dinner in the mall and ate while we listened to a few songs.  Once again, we ended up walking around the mall a bit and eventually had to drag the kids from the clutches of Claire's junk because it was time to leave.

I guess all the dashing around wore everyone out because it is 9:30am and everyone except me is still asleep!!

Today's agenda is to sit around the house.  Only 5 more days of school this year......

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  1. Christmas is more fun when there are kids at home. I miss that!

  2. Congrats to Valerie! It looks like they had a great time.

  3. Anonymous6:33 PM

    What a lovely way to spend the afternoon and to have a little holiday fun!

  4. Looks like they had a wonderful time. Love the photos.