Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Card Exchange!!

Christmas cards are becoming a thing of the past.  Being from a small family, we never really did send or receive a ton of cards.  I used to penpal and would buy fancy cards to send out every year.  I got many greetings in the mail and it was just so fun to display them around the house.  After we married, I was excited to send out our first cards as a couple.  When Val and Roni were small, we made sure to send everyone and I mean everyone a photo card to show them off!  Over the years though, the card list dwindled.  Most of the cards were never acknowledged and most didn't reciprocate.  I heard "Oh I ran out of cards so I couldn't send you one, " many times.  I guess we were on the "B" card list or something.

This year though, I decided to try something different.  When we emptied my Mom and Dad's house, I kept the stash of greeting cards.  My Mom was in charge of sending get well and sympathy cards to members of her prayer group, so she had a ton of those.  She had even more Christmas cards.  I searched on Facebook for card exchange groups and found several!  Sign me up!!

Almost every day since Thanksgiving, my mailbox has been full of cards!  The kids have enjoyed seeing just how far away all the cards have traveled here from.  I got several from Canada, Malaysia, Finland, and as far away as Japan!  At the last count, we had received well over 100 cards.  I'm running out of places to hang them....

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